Welcome to iBeam Marketing Consulting Services

B2B and Technology Marketing Consultants

iBeam is a marketing consulting and services firm that works primarily with companies in business-to-business (B2B) and technology market segments. iBeam consultants serve as supporting members for in-house corporate marketing teams and organizations ramping up or expanding their marketing functions, interim marketing management, and pragmatic marketing advisors to senior business executives.

Our mission is to objectively and cost-effectively help companies and their marketing teams:

Achieve business and product-
line growth objectives

Penetrate new target markets
and industry verticals

Develop or refine marketing
strategies and tactics

Develop or refine marketing
communications plans

Bridge traditional and
digital marketing channels

Establish and track
meaningful marketing ROI metrics

Improve demand generation
channels and processes

Establish or enhance company
reputation and visibility

Identify and reach
market segment influencers

Fill skill and/or experience gaps
in the marketing organization


We help our clients tackle their marketing priorities — from strategy and planning to marketing program implementation. We’ve worked with clients in a variety of industry sectors, including:

Cloud-based application and information security services (SaaS)

Healthcare information security

Healthcare business consulting

Customer experience analytics

Networking and telecom infrastructure

Critical infrastructure protection / cyber security

Law enforcement software and security solutions

Insurance software

Traditional manufacturing


Whether your challenge is related to sales pipeline development and overall demand generation, awareness and reputation enhancement, content marketing, or some combination of marketing issues, iBeam can help.

Here’s a quick overview of our marketing services capabilities.

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