Google Analytics Certification Exam - A Few Tips for Passing the GAIQ I recently renewed my Google Analytics certification by taking the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam via Google Partners. I certified back in the spring of 2014 and it was time to go at it again, since the certification requires renewal every 18 months. First, a few observations, comparing this most recent exam (early 2016) with the GAIQ in early 2014. The recent test was easier than I expected it to be and took much less time compared to the first one. I passed it this time in ~ 45-50 minutes with a score of 100% (70/70). Minimum passing score is 80% (56/70). Many of the questions came straight Read more [...]
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So just how popular is this thing called "marketing automation", anyway?  If you're watching the world of B2B marketing these days, you would probably say it's pretty hot... right up there with content marketing and inbound marketing.

To take a quick closer look, I picked up where I left off with my last post and used Google Trends to test the search term "marketing automation" against "CRM software" and the ever popular "email marketing".  The results show that marketing automation is on the rise but has a ways to go to overcome CRM software in terms of relative search popularity.

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After my last post about the 'newness' of B2B content marketing, I thought it would also be interesting to compare when various digital marketing terms started to gain (or lose) popularity.  Google Trends came to the rescue, allowing me to graph search volumes over time for up to five terms concurrently.
The first chart below shows a relative comparison of worldwide search volumes for five commonly used marketing terms today:
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5.34 million and 2.75 million.  
Those are the numbers of Google search results I just got via searches on "content marketing" and "b2b content marketing", respectively (the searches included the double quotation marks).
Clearly, content marketing in all of its forms is a super hot topic these days.  But is it really new as a marketing tool or concept?  Definitely not, at least not in the context of business-to-business (B2B) technology marketing and sales.
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B2B customer testimonials and B2B case studies — What's the difference? In the world of B2B content marketing, real-world customer testimonials and case studies continue to stand out as preferred sales support tools for convincing new prospects that your solution truly does deliver tangible value. There's a spectrum of possibilities here that differ in terms of complexity, customer commitment/involvement, and long-term value for the solution vendor.  So what's the difference between a customer testimonial and a case study? Here's a breakdown that may be helpful:

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