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Google Analytics Toolkit Now Available

Two Free Google Analytics Tools

I built a couple of Excel spreadsheet tools for Google Analytics users and am offering them as the first two items in our free Google Analytics Toolkit. It's available by request here.

Both tools are designed for beginner-to-intermediate GA users, and may be of interest to more advanced users as well.

Google Analytics Audit Guide

Google Analytics Audit Guide - Digital MarketingThe first tool is a Google Analytics Audit Guide, built as an Excel sheet with a detailed breakdown of audit areas and links to supporting help resources from Google. This is a very handy guide and checklist for covering all the bases when performing an audit or "health check" of your Google Analytics setup.




Google Analytics Campaign Tagging Tool

Google Analytics Campaign UTM Tagging Tool - Digital MarketingThis Excel tool provides an automated way to build UTM-tagged links for tracking digital campaigns in GA. For coordinated campaigns consisting of a series of emails and/or social posts, with potentially several tagged links per email or post, this is a great way to keep it all organized. This tool simplifies the creation of a cohesive tagging structure that makes sense and is easy to follow in your GA campaign reports.


We will add more to our Google Analytics Toolkit over time. Simply sign up for it and we'll send you the latest version plus any updates as we add new items to the toolkit.