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Email Marketing: A Fundamental Digital Marketing Element


Email Marketing Services

Why Email Marketing?

The case for adding email marketing to your overall marketing mix is usually pretty sound. It’s often cited as one of the best marketing channels for ROI (especially by B2B marketers). It’s also relatively affordable in terms of outside spend and resources. There are no ad placements or printing and mailing costs involved, so the external budget required to get underway can essentially be zero if you have sufficient in-house resources. 


The iBeam Approach to Email Marketing

Our practice at iBeam has always been to focus on email marketing as a tactic with medium-term payoff, especially for early-stage email marketing efforts. In other words, we don’t see it as a quick fix for driving ‘instant’ lead generation. We focus on building legitimate, permission-based in-house email lists organically and engaging subscribers with relevant, value-added content. We use ‘confirmed opt-in’ subscription methods whenever possible, which leaves the subscription decision firmly in control of the end recipient. And we make it simple and painless for subscribers to opt-out later or change other subscription preferences.

This allows us to build our clients’ brands, reputations, credibility, and trustworthiness with a growing subscriber base that truly appreciates what we’re doing.

It also results in better email performance as measured by higher email open rates, click-through rates, website engagement, customer experience, and conversions to revenue.

The Content Connection

Perhaps the biggest ongoing obstacle to email marketing success lies in having enough value-added content to deliver to an audience that already gets lots of emails from all sources. People certainly don’t open everything that hits their inboxes, and they eventually won’t open anything from vendors who consistently fail to deliver items of real interest.

So, creating and delivering useful content is key to email marketing success and must be factored into the overall program.

Our Email Marketing Services

We can help you with any or all of the following aspects of email marketing.

In-House Email List Organization

We’ll help pull together and update your email list from various sources within your organization (your ‘in-house’ list). These will be contacts that have an ongoing or prior business relationship with you.

List Segmentation

Email list segmentation is important for improving email marketing performance. We will help you segment your in-house list in ways that make sense for ongoing outreach and campaigns.

Email Service Selection and Implementation

You may have an email service provider in place already. But if not, we can help you select one that fits your needs and budget. We’ll have many good options to choose from.

Website Integration

Having email signup options on your website is a great way to organically grow your in-house email list over time. We will help you add this capability if it’s not already in place.

Content Strategy and Development

As mentioned above, you’ll want to have several ways to engage your email audience over time, and this translates into content development at some level. We can help you with this. Worried about the time and effort involved? Consider a quarterly or monthly e-newsletter to get started. Perhaps a mix of original and ‘curated’ content from within your industry. We’ll help you develop a content strategy that balances audience needs and wants with your staff and budget resources.

Measurement and Reporting

Email marketing is generally highly measurable. We can track email open rates, click rates, click-to-open ratios, and other measures of email campaign performance. In some cases, we can benchmark these against industry averages as well. And by implementing proper campaign tagging, we can track performance within Google Analytics. This provides even deeper insights into campaign performance and ties website content into the measurement picture as well.

Continuous Improvement

Good measurement gives us the opportunity to continuously refine and improve our email marketing campaigns. We’ll help make smart choices based on metrics, testing campaign elements and tracking results along the way.