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Boost Your Digital Marketing Performance with Customized Google Analytics Consulting Services and Training

Google Analytics Consulting and Training

While you're here... you may also be interested in our free Google Analytics Toolkit. And you can register for a free Google Analytics Audit here.

Google Analytics — A Free But Often Underutilized Tool

Many businesses spend significant resources on their websites and mobile apps but then don’t leverage their visitor and session metrics to help optimize marketing decisions, investments, and business results.

They unknowingly lose new prospects and revenue opportunities and overspend on bad marketing campaigns and tactics. They miss the key insights that lead to better marketing and business performance.

Our Google Analytics consulting services will help you turn this situation around.

Where do these digital marketing metrics come from? They're available via Google Analytics and Firebase — Google’s free website and mobile app analytics tools. But many organizations do not use them well enough to truly help guide their marketing and business decisions.

Google Analytics Consulting Services and Training

We can help you derive useful marketing and business information from your website and app data. We will help you optimize digital marketing investments, identify new sales prospects and content marketing opportunities, and monetize mobile apps. And we'll help you identify and track the important metrics and goal conversions that matter to your company's revenues and profits.

Example Activities

  • Creating a website metrics measurement plan that fits your marketing and business objectives
  • Google Analytics setup and optimization
  • Google Analytics audits (e.g., for existing GA accounts)
  • Implementing data sharing between Google Analytics, AdWords, and Search Console
  • Setting up and tracking specific visitor Goals and on-page Events (e.g., for conversion tracking)
  • Website visitor analyses, including acquisition channels, content consumption, and engagement
  • Custom marketing campaign tracking and tagging (e.g., UTM tags for email and social campaigns)
  • E-commerce tracking
  • Mobile app user analyses, including app user behaviors, goal conversions, and app monetization
  • Building custom filters, reports, and dashboards for marketing and executive management
  • Custom reporting via Google Data Studio
  • Automated metrics updates via email
  • Google AdWords campaign reporting and analysis
  • Customized Google Analytics training (see below)

Google Analytics Training

We also provide personalized, hands-on training for individuals or small marketing teams, tailored to your specific business needs using your actual website analytics data.

We can hold analytics training sessions at your facility and/or conduct training remotely via web conference sessions to save time and cost.

And for corporate marketing team members who want Google Analytics certification for professional development, we can help you prepare for and pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam.

We’re Qualified to Help

iBeam has helped clients in many industries with their Google Analytics installations, reporting, and analysis needs. We've cleaned up faulty setups, implemented best practices, and developed detailed reports containing practical guidance for marketing improvements.

iBeam principal consultant David Kamm has successfully completed every course offered by the Google Analytics Academy and maintains an active certification via the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam.

Google Analytics Certificate - David Kamm

Incorporating Analytics Insights

Digital analytics data is just a mass of numbers if you don't unlock the available insights to make meaningful improvements to your website, apps, and marketing campaigns.

We can work with you not just on the analytics setup and reporting, but also on the metrics interpretation and follow-on marketing improvements that come from these insights.

Ready to boost your marketing analytics IQ? 

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