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Welcome to iBeam — a Michigan digital marketing consulting firm that works with small and mid-sized businesses in Michigan, the US midwest, and beyond.

iBeam helps companies grow with a range of digital marketing services, focusing on websites and content marketing, inbound marketing, SEO and search analytics, overall website analytics, and digital marketing campaign metrics.

iBeam is owned and operated by David Kamm in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Digital marketing services to help grow your business and support your team

Marketing Analytics

Measure marketing performance to improve results and ROI

Website Support

Make your WordPress website work harder as a marketing engine


Earn more website traffic with improved SEO and content

Google Analytics Support

Improve your digital marketing performance with these two free Google Analytics offers

Based in Michigan. Available Everywhere.

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Hi and thanks for dropping by the iBeam website. 

David Kamm writing here…

iBeam is a Michigan marketing consulting company based in Ann Arbor. Not very far from the iconic ‘Big House’ Michigan football stadium, in fact.

Born, raised, and educated here in the Mitten, I naturally use my hand as a quick map of the state. 

I know the amazing beauty of the Lake Michigan shoreline and dunes, the sunrise side, and the rugged U.P.

I know the pros (and a few cons) of living and working in the Great Lakes state. I’m proud to provide marketing services to growing businesses in Michigan and other regions.

Maybe I can help you, too. 

No matter where you are located — in Michigan and the midwest, across the US, or over an ocean — every iBeam client gets support that we customize together for your specific marketing situation. Thanks to online collaboration tools, geographic distance is no real barrier.  

Whether you need help with overall marketing strategy and planning, digital marketing programs, marketing measurement and ROI improvements, WordPress website support, email marketing, or content development and SEO, iBeam can help boost your marketing results and grow your business.

Take a few minutes to explore the iBeam website and a few blog posts of interest. Then get in touch if you like what you see.

Best regards…  David

Blog Highlights

SEO Audit Example

This post shows how to conduct an SEO audit using Google Search Console, a powerful free tool available to everyone.

Google SEO Tools

Google offers a tremendous range of free tools for SEO. This post introduces over a dozen of them, plus extras.

SEO Content Planning

Learn about SEO content planning based on keyword research. This post explains some of the tools and processes.

B2B Website Visitor Tracking

This post introduces why B2B sales teams want this, and introduces several software vendors providing these tools.

Google Analytics for B2B

B2B website owners always want to know who is visiting their site. This post explains some of the ways we can learn this.

Michigan Marketing Firms

Looking for a Michigan-based marketing partner? This post goes into detail about marketing resources in Michigan.

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If you’re looking for a digital marketing consultant in southeast Michigan, including Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit, let’s meet over coffee or other suitable beverage to discuss your project.

If we’re further apart, no problem at all. Let’s connect via email, phone, Skype, or other web conferencing tool to start the conversation.