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Welcome Again to iBeam Marketing Consulting Services

Hey there… my name is David Kamm. I started iBeam over 10 years ago as a solo marketing consultancy, and I still operate it today with a solopreneur intent and mindset. I’m a ‘quality vs. quantity’ guy, so I work with only a handful of clients at a time.

By design, I have a low overhead and work-from-anywhere approach. I fit well with the current ‘remote worker’ trend in this way.

I have a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, both from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. 

See my LinkedIn profile for more career details.

A Few Questions

Before I dive a bit deeper into the iBeam story, let me ask you a few questions:

  • Is the viability and growth of your business dependent on effective marketing?
  • Are your current marketing methods ineffective or overly reliant on ‘traditional’ marketing tactics with questionable ROI?
  • Does your website work hard enough for you as a true marketing asset?
  • Would you prefer to spend more energy on ‘inbound marketing’ vs. paid promotion (advertising, etc.)?
  • Do you wish you had better metrics and measurement for your marketing efforts and results?
  • Does it seem like your key competitors are way ahead of you in terms of digital marketing?
  • Is your current marketing content old, stale, and ineffective at communicating your core messages?
  • Do you wish you had more digital marketing skills available on demand?
  • Are you wary of hiring new full-time marketing staff and/or taking on a large and ongoing marketing agency expense?

If you honestly answered YES to two or more of the above, then iBeam may be a good fit for you.

Thinking Ahead

Imagine a future (and hopefully a near-future!) where you are meeting your business goals with the help of better, more consistent, and more productive marketing efforts.

  • Your pipeline and revenues are growing.
  • You are reaching more prospects with solid, differentiated marketing messages.
  • Your content is highly credible, building authority and respect within your industry and target audience.
  • You have marketing metrics and reporting in place that tie to overall business goals.
  • Your in-house marketing team is more productive.
  • Your outside sales team actually thinks that marketing is *helping* them.
  • You are spending more wisely, focusing on marketing projects that drive real results.

These are the results I always strive to deliver for each iBeam client.

How is iBeam Different?

  • I operate iBeam as a small and agile marketing consultancy, vs. a full-blown marketing agency. (For more on this distinction, see this post on finding marketing companies in Michigan, including Michigan-based marketing agencies, firms, marketing associations, and related resources.) 
  • I do have several skills that overlap with digital marketing agencies, so I can handle many of the typical agency aspects of outsourced digital marketing. iBeam can serve as a ‘marketing micro-agency’ in that sense. And if your situation calls for a larger agency-based approach, I won’t hesitate to recommend that.
  • I partner with other consultants, agencies, and freelancers as needed. I’m happy to take a ‘virtual team’ approach with in-house staff and other external marketing resources. I’ve worked with branding, creative, website development, and digital marketing agencies in this way, providing skills such as analytics, campaign measurement, project management, and content development in support of various client projects.
  • I have broad industry and functional experience that includes engineering, marketing, sales, business development, corporate finance, and board-level executive decision-making. I can view your business challenges from multiple angles and perspectives, while still being marketing-centric.

Client Testimonials

All iBeam clients get and appreciate my personalized attention. Here are two client testimonials.

"Our company hired David to help us completely revamp our marketing program, including the development of a new website with comprehensive tracking and analytics. David is bright, perceptive and has a good grasp on what it takes to make a difference in the digital world. He is still a trusted advisor and consultant who we greatly value.”
Daniel Corbett
Chief of Business Development
Radiology Business Solutions
"Before launching the 2nd phase of a national social media campaign, we reached out to David. After taking the time to understand our target customer profile and ROI goals, David designed a hands-on engagement in which we worked together to analyze live site traffic, refine measurement, adjust content and test, test, test. David developed a custom tagging and tracking plan that worked seamlessly with our CRM, identifying high-potential leads. The training David provided in Google Analytics also helped us develop tactics resulting in one of our brand’s three key search words growing from page 4 to page 1 organic results.”
Owen Resh
Director of Marketing
Industrial Technology Company

The Rest of the Story

So, iBeam is over 10 years old now. Some things have evolved and others have remained largely the same.

My original focus with iBeam was on B2B technology companies, since that’s what my prior corporate marketing experience was all about. Information technology, networking and telecom equipment, software, etc.

But I’ve expanded into many other B2B and B2C industry segments since then.

I was also more generalist in my marketing services approach back in the 2009 – 2015 timeframe.

Now, I’m squarely focused on digital marketing, with primary attention on content marketing and inbound marketing, marketing analytics and campaign metrics, websites, and SEO. I use outbound channels such as email marketing and social media to amplify the content marketing efforts.

When I’m not working on iBeam projects or learning more about digital marketing, you will likely find me immersed in travel photography and digital image-making, becoming a better cook (a ‘wannabe home chef’), spending time with family and friends, or serving on a local non-profit board of directors.   

Feel free to get in touch any time. We can always connect below on Twitter and LinkedIn, too.

Thanks for reading and learning more about the iBeam story. 

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