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In some of my website content, I promote various 3rd-party products and services through ‘affiliate marketing’ relationships. These pay me or iBeam a commission, at zero extra cost to the buyer, when someone buys one of my recommended products or services via these affiliate links.

My current affiliate relationships include:

  • SEO software products (search engine optimization)
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) lead generation software tools

I disclose these relationships directly in the body copy of the web page or blog post that contains these links.

In some cases I have first-hand experience with these products or services, and highly recommend them based on my own use. In other cases I have researched them enough to give me confidence that it is worth my readers’ time to ‘click through’ and learn more about the product or service.

In all cases, I make these recommendations regardless of whether a reader uses my affiliate links or not. 

I also donate a portion of my affiliate-driven revenues to global charities.

Review my charitable giving pledge here.

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Blog Highlights

Google SEO Tools

Google offers a tremendous range of free tools for SEO. This post introduces over a dozen of them, plus extras.

SEO Content Planning

Learn about SEO content planning based on keyword research. This post explains some of the tools and processes.

Google Analytics for B2B

B2B website owners always want to know who is visiting their site. This post explains some of the ways we can learn this.

Michigan Marketing Firms

Looking for a Michigan-based marketing partner? This post goes into detail about marketing companies in Michigan.

Social Media ROI

This post is all about how to measure social media marketing impact. Lots of links to helpful resources on this topic.

A Google Analytics Audit

Learn how to do a good basic audit of a Google Analytics setup here. A top-to-bottom review of a live website.

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Follow Along with a Real-World SEO Project on a Travel Photography Website

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