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B2B Website Visitor Tracking Software

b2b lead generation-ip tracking-website visitor identification

B2B website visitor tracking tools identify corporate website visitors by performing a ‘reverse IP lookup’ on their IP address and matching this to a company or organization.

They then also track website user activity for lead generation and sales intelligence insights. 

Simply put, website visitor tracking software helps B2B firms increase revenue opportunities by converting anonymous website visitor traffic into actionable sales leads.

This post covers key aspects of B2B website visitor tracking and identification and introduces many of the top vendors in this software segment.

SEO and Persistent High Rankings — When SEO Becomes ‘Free’

organic search rankings change

SEO practitioners understand that getting into high-ranking positions in organic search results (the ‘SERPs’) is only part of the battle.

Staying there is another matter. However, sometimes high SEO rankings become ‘sticky’ — so you stay in top positions for a long time.

This post is about persistent high rankings in SEO, with a few tips about maintaining those high rankings over time.

Leadfeeder vs Lead Forensics — Top B2B Website Visitor Tracking Platforms

leadfeeder vs lead forensics - software product comparison

If your company is trying to drive more sales lead generation value from your B2B website, there’s a good chance you’re also looking at tools like website visitor tracking software.

If so, then Leadfeeder and Lead Forensics will likely pop onto your radar screen. This post provides vendor and product comparisons and will help you make an informed choice between these two top contenders.