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SEO and ‘Brochure Website’ Optimization — Insights, Tips, and Tools

seo search engine optimization

Some business websites are essentially online marketing brochures — hence the term ‘brochure website’ that I use throughout this post.

Often small in size and with limited content, brochure-style websites have several important limitations when it comes to SEO for organic search visibility and traffic.

Still, there are ways to improve SEO for brochure websites. Some of them are pretty straightforward.

Let’s take a closer look in this post…

SEO Content & Ranking Delays — Example from Google Search Console

google search console performance report showing delayed visibility and clicks

Website or blog content producers naturally want to see their content perform well (and quickly!) in search results.

However, search engine algorithms work at their own pace and timelines, which can frustrate ‘SEO content’ writers looking for some quick wins.

This post discusses SEO content performance/ranking delays, including a real-world example from this website.

Combining ABM and Traditional B2B Marketing

abm account based marketing

For some B2B companies, choosing between traditional B2B marketing approaches and account-based marketing (ABM) doesn’t need to be a binary either-or choice.

Depending on your target market segment and customer mix, you may want to incorporate elements of both B2B marketing/sales approaches.

This post explores the idea of combining ABM and traditional B2B marketing, with a few examples, insights, and resources to help.

SEO Coaching Tools — Product-Based SEO Guides

seo search engine optimization

For many SEO practitioners, having built-in ‘SEO coaching help’ in their favorite SEO tools can be a big advantage.

These features come in different forms but are designed to help guide SEO software users toward faster SEO progress and better productivity when using the tools.

This post discusses SEO coaching tools and features and includes a few good examples, insights, and tips.

Best SEO Tools — Key Considerations for SEO Success

seo keywords and content process

Selecting the best SEO tools for your website and business includes several considerations for arriving at an optimal SEO software/tools setup.

The type of website/blog you operate and the nature of the business it supports are critical factors that drive SEO activities and software feature prioritization.

This post looks at the topic of finding the best SEO tools for your needs, including insights, tips, and a few example tools that cover specific needs highlighted below.