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ABM Concepts — Named Accounts, ICP Fit, and Inbound Website Visitor Traffic

Last updated Dec 24, 2022

Finding the ‘Sweet Spot’ for Account-Based Marketing

In B2B marketing and sales, and especially for ABM, it’s important to understand the connections and overlapping nature of named target accounts, ideal customer profile (ICP), and incoming website visitor traffic.

A classic Venn diagram is a useful tool for thinking about these things.

Let’s use one to take a closer look at how B2B sales named accounts, an ABM ICP, and incoming website visitor traffic all overlap and relate to each other.

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    abm target accounts ideal customer profile
    For ABM success, your named target accounts, ICP fit, and website visitor traffic should have strong overlap.

    This post contains a few referral links to vendor partners. We may receive compensation for purchases made via these links, at no additional cost to buyers.

    This post contains a few referral links to vendor partners. We may receive compensation for future purchases made via these links, at no additional cost to buyers.

    Key Relationships in Account-Based Marketing

    Overlap Between ABM Target Accounts, ICP Fit, and Website Traffic

    Thinking about ABM, target accounts, and related topics in B2B sales and marketing, I had an idea to use a classic Venn diagram of overlapping circles to try to illustrate some interconnected elements.

    I built the graphic below as a start, then fleshed out the supporting points.

    • The upper left circle with a red base color is our current set of B2B sales named accounts.
    • The upper right circle with a green base color represents all potential accounts that have a perfect ICP fit (as typically defined in ABM programs).
    • The lower circle with a blue base color represents all of our website visitors and inbound lead generation prospects.
    • (You may also recognize this as an ‘RGB color combination graphic’. That’s correct! I just re-purposed it for this post. 🙂

    Now let’s jump into the details, more on related ABM topics, and tools that can come into play here as well.

    abm target accounts ideal customer profile
    Three related and overlapping concepts for B2B sales, marketing, and ABM

    Sales Named Accounts (Potential ABM Targets)

    For most B2B firms, a ‘named account’ is a named account for a good reason.

    These accounts are currently pursued by the B2B sales organization because they are deemed worthy of special attention. They have some specific fit (or potential fit) and may even have special strategic customer value for your firm.

    Named accounts are great candidates for ABM-style programs. However, it’s also possible that not all of your ‘named accounts’ will be selected for ABM treatment.

    For example, a smaller ABM pilot program may not begin with all of your current named accounts.

    In any case, named accounts are especially significant and are represented by the upper left circle in the diagram.

    Total ICP Fit — Ideal Customer/Client Profile

    Your ICP — for Ideal Customer Profile or Ideal Client Profile — defines the ‘best fit’ accounts that would be ideal for an account-based marketing strategy.

    In ABM, the ICP is best defined jointly by both sales and marketing. There should be complete agreement about what target account characteristics are both included and excluded from the ICP definition.

    Ideally, most of the current named accounts in the upper left circle of the Venn diagram will also fall into the ‘Total ICP Fit’ circle.

    In those cases, there’s actually much greater overlap between the upper two circles, vs what’s shown above.

    However, it’s also very possible that your ABM team’s ICP definition will apply to accounts you don’t even know yet (and hence by definition can’t be ‘named accounts’).

    That’s why the upper two circles in the Venn diagram will almost never completely overlap. There are usually other good prospects out there that just haven’t hit your radar screen or ‘named account’ category yet.

    Related: Also see this post on ABM account targeting and more on ABM-specific platforms and tools for advanced account targeting capabilities.

    Website Visitors / Inbound Lead Generation

    The bottom circle of the diagram represents the incoming B2B website visitor traffic that hits your website each day.

    This can come from many visitor traffic acquisition sources, including inbound marketing programs, outbound sales/marketing efforts, ABM-specific campaigns, traditional lead generation methods, etc.

    Some of your website visitor traffic will come from existing named accounts. That’s where the red and blue circles overlap.

    Other website traffic will come from great ICP-fit accounts that are not named accounts and may even be completely unknown (so far) by the revenue team. That’s the green-blue overlap region above.

    b2b website traffic for abm and inbound lead generation
    Website visitor traffic that is identifiable, maps to target named accounts, and fits our defined ICP is the goal in B2B and account-based marketing.

    And just due to the nature of website traffic, much of the visitor traffic represented by the lower circle will not be from named accounts or from great ICP targets.

    We can safely ignore these low-value website visitors and just let them come and go as they please.

    However, it’s also a good idea to monitor incoming website traffic for competitors, potential business partners, and other non-prospects. These site visitors can still provide valuable marketing and sales intelligence.

    The ABM ‘Sweet Spot’ in the Middle

    In the classic 3-circle Venn diagram above, there’s a curved white triangle in the center.

    For this post, this represents the ‘sweet spot’ of perfect overlap between sales named accounts, total ICP fit, and identifiable inbound website traffic.

    For ABM revenue teams, if you’ve got engagement from accounts that are already ‘named accounts’, have great fit with your jointly-defined ICP, and generate website traffic that is identifiable at least down to the company and location level, then you have a great opportunity for an ABM-driven account win.

    As noted earlier, in ideal cases you will have much more actual overlap between the three circles in the Venn diagram above.

    The more overlap you can achieve here, the larger the middle ‘sweet spot’ will be and the stronger your ABM deal pipeline will look.

    Identifying B2B Website Traffic

    Maximize Value and Sales Intelligence from B2B Website Traffic

    For both traditional and ABM-based marketing approaches, identifying valuable website visitors is a very important capability.

    Knowing more about which actual companies are visiting your website and what site content they’re interested in can lead to big jumps in sales productivity and revenue growth.

    This is true for traditional ‘wide-to-narrow’ demand generation funnels and also for inverted ABM funnels as shown below.

    leadfeeder abm funnel starts with b2b account targeting and good icp fit
    The ABM demand gen funnel is ‘flipped’ vs the more familiar traditional lead gen funnel. Source: Leadfeeder

    ABM and Website Visitor Traffic

    In an ABM context and as shown in the three-circles Venn diagram discussed in this post, having good B2B website visitor identification and tracking capabilities in place can tell you if your ‘named accounts’ are visiting.

    And if other firms with ‘good ICP fit’ are coming to your website.

    Learn more here about how website visitor identification and tracking tools enable and support account-based marketing.

    Also, learn how these tools support account-based advertising and retargeting for ABM campaigns.

    Finally, learn more about how B2B website visitor trackers enable low-cost, affordable ABM. They’re especially useful for small business ABM programs on a tighter budget.

    Leadfeeder is one good example of a purpose-built B2B website visitor tracking tool. They offer a free 14-day trial and no long-term commitments. They even have a free ‘Lite’ option available.

    See how Leadfeeder describes their ABM capabilities here.

    leadfeeder free trial - b2b account targeting, website lead generation, and abm solution
    One of the market leaders in website visitor tracking for B2B sales teams, Leadfeeder identifies and tracks corporate website visitors. Leadfeeder works with traditional lead gen approaches and also supports ABM strategies.

    ABM Target Accounts and ICP Concepts — Final Thoughts

    Three Interconnected Areas for B2B Sales and ABM Success

    The Venn diagram introduced above illustrates the relationship and inter-connectedness of three important elements in B2B sales and ABM: named accounts, ICP fit, and website traffic / inbound lead generation.

    The more you can make these circles overlap, the larger your ‘sweet spot’ will be for sales productivity, deal flow, and revenue attainment.

    This is true for B2B sales and marketing in general, but even more so for account-based marketing approaches.

    And as usual, there are software tools readily available that can help drive more success in these areas — especially for maximizing the potential sales value of your B2B website visitor traffic.

    Questions or Comments?

    I hope this simple visual approach to understanding some key B2B sales and ABM concepts and inter-relationships has been helpful.

    How well does your current set of ABM named accounts overlap with your Ideal Customer Profile definition?

    And how much of your inbound website traffic overlaps with your ABM target accounts and/or your ICP-fit accounts?

    Are you using any ABM software platforms or B2B website visitor tracking tools for ABM support today?

    Feel free to add more in the comments below with any thoughts, feedback, or related questions. Thanks also for any social shares on this post via the buttons below!

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