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Website Visitor ID and Tracking — Identifying People vs Companies for B2B

b2b lead generation-ip tracking-website visitor identification

In B2B sales and marketing, understanding who is on your company website, and responding effectively, can make a big difference between revenue growth and stagnation.

Website visitor identification and tracking tools designed for B2B teams are here to help. They have traditionally been used to discover web visitors and sales leads at the company level but in some cases can now do this at an individual level as well.

This post looks at website visitor identification tools and highlights the abilities of some tools to identify visiting companies, actual individuals, or both.

ABM and Outbound Sales — How Do They Fit Together?

abm account based marketing

Account-based marketing may mean different things to different B2B companies and revenue teams.

And that’s OK — ABM isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy.

How does ABM fit with outbound direct sales, and vice versa? That’s the focus of this post.

Let’s take a closer look at how ABM and outbound sales work together in B2B.

ABM Concepts — Named Accounts, ICP Fit, and Inbound Website Visitor Traffic

abm target accounts ideal customer profile

In B2B marketing and sales, and especially for ABM, it’s important to understand the connections and overlapping nature of named target accounts, ideal customer profile (ICP), and incoming website visitor traffic.

Let’s use a classic Venn diagram to take a closer look at how B2B sales named accounts, an ABM ICP, and incoming website visitor traffic all overlap and relate to each other.

Google Analytics for B2B Lead Generation

b2b lead generation-ip tracking-website visitor identification

It’s a common question: How can we use Google Analytics for B2B lead generation?

Beyond providing website analytics designed mostly for marketing teams, what can Google Analytics do that specifically helps deal-hungry B2B sales reps?

Read on to learn more about how Google Analytics supports B2B lead generation today, along with other tools that can add huge value for B2B sales teams as well.

B2B Account Targeting Concepts & Diagram

b2b target account categories

B2B firms win or lose by how well they attract, select, and engage target accounts within their target market segments.

The diagram and discussion here is about selecting winnable accounts. These concepts apply to both traditional lead gen and sales approaches, as well as account-based marketing (ABM) initiatives.