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Google Analytics and B2B Data Enrichment

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Google Analytics (GA) is a very useful website analytics platform in many ways, but not so much for key areas of B2B sales and marketing.

Fortunately, several 3rd-party platforms and tools address these B2B deficiencies in Google Analytics. They provide essential insights into B2B website visitor details, starting with company-level identification and adding key ‘firmographic’ details, such as company size, industry segment, etc.

This post introduces B2B data enrichment for Google Analytics, including insights and specific solutions to help B2B sales and marketing teams be more productive and effective.

Identifying Website Visitors in Google Analytics


Website owners (including most businesses) naturally want to know who is on their website and what their website visitors are doing on the site.

A key question is: what do we mean by ‘who’ in this context? Can we find out exactly, by name, who is (or has been) on our website? Or are we limited to less specific identifiers, such as company or organization name?

This post looks at how Google Analytics handles website visitor identity information — and what it can and can’t provide in this area.

Google Analytics for B2B Lead Generation

b2b lead generation-ip tracking-website visitor identification

It’s a common question: How can we use Google Analytics for B2B lead generation?

Beyond providing website analytics designed mostly for marketing teams, what can Google Analytics do that specifically helps deal-hungry B2B sales reps?

Read on to learn more about how Google Analytics supports B2B lead generation today, along with other tools that can add huge value for B2B sales teams as well.

Using IpMeta to Recover Google Analytics ISP Dimensions — Service Provider & Network Domain

google analytics network domain and service provider not set

The Google Analytics ISP dimensions — Service Provider and Network Domain — were very useful to a whole bunch of GA users around the world. When Google decided to drop (deprecate) them, we weren’t happy at all.

Fortunately, there are good 3rd-party workarounds to easily restore this information in Google Analytics. IpMeta is one such solution. I use it and it works great.

Let’s explore IpMeta and other B2B website analytics tools.

Lead Forensics and Leadfeeder vs Google Analytics

b2b lead generation-ip tracking-website visitor identification

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WordPress and Google Analytics Event Tracking

wordpress visitor analytics stats

Top WordPress Plugins Simplify Event Tracking Setup and Configuration   For many website owners, tracking on-page user events … such as file downloads, button clicks, and outbound link clicks… is an important aspect of understanding visitor behavior and optimizing website content. This post introduces several top plugins that make website visitor analytics event tracking for WordPress … Read more