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Identifying Anonymous Website Visitors

b2b lead generation-ip tracking-website visitor identification

Website owners and businesses are naturally curious to know ‘who’ is visiting their websites. This interest often goes beyond high-level metrics like raw visitor and session counts, visitor demographics, etc.

In B2B companies, for example, more informative website visitor identification and tracking helps the marketing and sales team be more productive and efficient, driving new leads and revenue growth.

This post explores anonymous website visitor tracking in a business context, with a focus on value for B2B firms.

B2B Lead Generation in Europe — Insights, Tips & Tools

europe map

Generating B2B leads in Europe has its own characteristics and challenges, distinct from other regions of the world (e.g., the United States).

While there is significant overlap in terms of marketing tactics, issues such as cultural differences and data privacy regulations in the EU require different approaches and tools for some marketing and sales activities.

This post looks at the similarities and differences of B2B lead generation in Europe and highlights new tools for addressing EU B2B markets more specifically.

Visual Visitor Review and Alternatives

visual visitor review and alternatives

Visual Visitor is a good option for businesses seeking to identify and track the companies and persons visiting their websites, for the purpose of generating sales leads and other sales intelligence insights from website traffic. 

This post includes vendor intro videos, product highlights and pricing, and several Visual Visitor alternatives for identifying B2B sales leads based on company website visitor traffic.

Let’s take a closer look at the Visual Visitor review and product highlight details inside…

Identifying Website Visitors in Google Analytics


Website owners (including most businesses) naturally want to know who is on their website and what their website visitors are doing on the site.

A key question is: what do we mean by ‘who’ in this context? Can we find out exactly, by name, who is (or has been) on our website? Or are we limited to less specific identifiers, such as company or organization name?

This post looks at how Google Analytics handles website visitor identity information — and what it can and can’t provide in this area.

Website Visitor ID and Tracking — Identifying People vs Companies for B2B

b2b lead generation-ip tracking-website visitor identification

In B2B sales and marketing, understanding who is on your company website, and responding effectively, can make a big difference between revenue growth and stagnation.

Website visitor identification and tracking tools designed for B2B teams are here to help. They have traditionally been used to discover web visitors and sales leads at the company level but in some cases can now do this at an individual level as well.

This post looks at website visitor identification tools and highlights the abilities of some tools to identify visiting companies, actual individuals, or both.