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Website Visitor ID and Tracking — Identifying People vs Companies for B2B

b2b lead generation-ip tracking-website visitor identification

In B2B sales and marketing, understanding who is on your company website, and responding effectively, can make a big difference between revenue growth and stagnation.

Website visitor identification and tracking tools designed for B2B teams are here to help. They have traditionally been used to discover web visitors and sales leads at the company level but in some cases can now do this at an individual level as well.

This post looks at website visitor identification tools and highlights the abilities of some tools to identify visiting companies, actual individuals, or both.

The B2B Dark Funnel and Anonymous Website Visitors

b2b dark funnel concept b2b marketing sales

The intriguingly named ‘dark funnel’ in B2B marketing and sales suggests something unseen, mysterious, and perhaps even unknowable.

The dark funnel contains anonymous buyer intent data and signals that we as B2B sellers don’t normally have access to.

This post looks at the ‘dark funnel’ in B2B marketing and how website visitor tracking tools help identify new sales opportunities and insights hiding within it.

ABM Funnels in Account-Based Marketing

leadfeeder abm inverted sales funnel

Account-based marketing, or ABM, has been part of the B2B marketing and sales landscape for some time now. Even so, ABM concepts are still a bit novel for many B2B companies.

This post provides an introduction to ABM funnels, comparisons vs traditional B2B sales funnel concepts, advantages of ABM, and several additional resources and tools for those interested in account-based marketing.