WordPress and Google Analytics Event Tracking

wordpress visitor analytics stats

Top WordPress Plugins Simplify Event Tracking Setup and Configuration   For many website owners, tracking on-page user events … such as file downloads, button clicks, and outbound link clicks… is an important aspect of understanding visitor behavior and optimizing website content. This post introduces several top plugins that make website visitor analytics event tracking for WordPress … Read more

WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce Analytics

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Top Options for WooCommerce and Other Online Store Platforms   WordPress websites with ecommerce functionality are very common today. They leverage WooCommerce and other online selling platforms to build and manage high quality B2C and B2B ecommerce sites. Good measurement is key to online revenue success. This post introduces several of the top ecommerce analytics plugins … Read more

Top WordPress Visitor Analytics Plugins

wordpress visitor analytics stats

Great Options for Google Analytics, Self-Hosted, and Open Source Analytics for WordPress Sites   WordPress users have many options available for adding website visitor analytics to their web properties. This post explores several of the most popular and top-rated plugins for this. Also includes pointers to related tools for monitoring website visitor traffic for B2B lead … Read more