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Lead Forensics Reviews

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This post discusses how Lead Forensics works as a website visitor tracking tool, using customer and vendor-provided video reviews and demonstrations to illustrate key points and software benefits.

It also provides links to related material, including information regarding several Lead Forensics alternatives for B2B lead generation.


Last Updated: September 2019

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An Early Innovator in B2B Web-Based Lead Generation

Lead Forensics is a recognized leader in the area of website visitor tracking and identification software for business-to-business (B2B) lead generation. 

Founded and based in the UK, they’ve been a major software provider in this area since 2009. Lead Forensics has thousands of customers worldwide and claims the largest and most accurate database of fixed IP addresses for business lookup and IP lead tracking. (Over 1.3 billion IP addresses, and growing daily.)  

See this video for a quick overview of their software.

Lead Forensics Intro Video

Focus on Lead Forensics Video Reviews

For this post, I wanted to find and discuss good video reviews for the Lead Forensics product. I was initially interested in user-provided videos, and less interested in marketing videos produced or hosted directly by the vendor. (Although I do include a few of those below that I thought were pretty useful.)

I found some helpful videos and summarize them below for reader convenience.

My goal here is to cut through much of the YouTube clutter and curate the best video content available from Lead Forensics reviewers. I hope to be able to add more user-generated videos over time, and rely less on vendor-produced content.

I also provide links below to several Lead Forensics competitors, for readers who may be shopping around a bit for website visitor tracking solutions.  

Lead Forensics Reviews and Demos on YouTube

Lead Forensics and B2B Channel Sales 

This interesting user video addresses how Lead Forensics (and similar website visitor tracking tools) can be used in an indirect B2B channel sales model.

Until I saw this video, I hadn’t really thought much about the implications of using these tools to support channel sales activities. 

This customer needs to forward specific leads to specific channel partners, and is contemplating here how best to handle that in a more realtime and automated fashion.

Perhaps the Lead Forensics API will come in handy here?

This is a very practical concern for any B2B company that uses channel sales partners for new prospect follow-up. The video illustrates how these tools can provide added value for B2B sales teams with indirect (or channel-assisted) selling approaches.

This user video highlights the practical application of this tool in an indirect, channel-supported sales environment.

Lead Forensics and Sales Pipeline Management 

Website visitor tracking tools can help B2B firms engage prospects who are already in the buyer journey… and spending time on your website.

For example, a good prospect may have already visited your website multiple times without contacting your sales team.  

Visitor tracking tools can identify this website activity and help your team move the prospect deeper into your sales funnel.

This brief animated video explains how. 

This vendor-provided video shows how Lead Forensics helps drive more business from existing sales pipelines.

Boosting Marketing Event ROI 

Maximizing ROI for marketing events (trade shows, conferences, etc.) is always important for B2B marketers. After all, these marketing investments can easily run into 5-figure and 6-figure spending commitments, even for small to mid-sized businesses.

Can website visitor tracking software help companies re-engage with contacts made at these events?

Yes indeed… see this video for an interesting approach!

This 6-minute video from Lead Forensics’ partner management shows how the product can help to maximize marketing event ROI through targeted post-event prospect outreach. 

It illustrates an interesting use of personalized URLs as well, for tracking post-event visits to your website from specific contacts.

Customer Success Stories

These short videos are also worth a look, to get a sense for how quite different businesses in various industries have had good success with this product.

These topics and features are characteristic of this category of B2B lead generation software in general.

The first three videos are from the Lead Forensics YouTube channel. The last one is an independent review from a Lead Forensics customer in the UK.

This video highlights a few of the core benefits of website visitor tracking software, including:

  • Identifying specific product and service areas of interest for specific prospects
  • Improving sales outreach productivity and response times
  • Identifying new activity from previous clients (e.g., for cross-sell and upsell opportunities)
  • Measurably boosting marketing and sales ROI

This video highlights other useful features, including:

  • Leveraging search keyword insights to help tailor sales conversations
  • Boost sales results from both offline and online marketing activities
  • Improve sales conversion rates (win rates)

This Lead Forensics success story discusses how the software:

  • Complements standard analytics (such as Google Analytics)
  • Integrates well with other tools… CRM, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Provides advanced social media integration 
  • Develops a more complete picture of customer interests, from first website visit through closing a new sale

This Lead Forensics customer video is an informal discussion of:

  • How it works as an IP-to-company lookup tool (in layman’s terms)
  • How it uncovers new prospects you’re not currently engaging
  • Why tools like Lead Forensics can quickly pay for themselves 

Lead Forensics Alternatives

Competitive Options for Website Visitor Tracking

Lead Forensics now has many competitors in this software segment, including at least three other software providers based in the UK.

This segment of B2B lead generation tools has actually become quite competitive in recent years. Many of the main players are highlighted below.

Also see my vendor spreadsheet option further below under Related Posts.

*** Click on the logos below to visit the specific vendor(s) of interest ***

For readers interested in doing Lead Forensics vs Leadfeeder comparisons, be sure to also see this post on Leadfeeder reviews and demos (video highlights).

Related Posts

For more on this topic, see a few of my related posts linked below.

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Learn more about B2B website visitor identification and many of the top vendors providing these tools.

Understand how Google Analytics performs basic visitor identification functions.

Learn how to conduct a successful free software trial for website visitor tracking tools

Finally, here’s a post on how website visitor tracking vendors comply with GDPR.

Global Vendor Spreadsheet Available

I also maintain a master spreadsheet that helps to organize and profile various website visitor identification and tracking software solutions globally. 

The latest version is available now, and more updates are coming. 

Hit the button below for more details.

Wrapping Up

Useful Tools for B2B Lead Generation

Lead Forensics is certainly worth a very close look for any B2B company that needs to drive more leads and prospect activity from its anonymous website visitor traffic.

They provide proactive on-boarding support as well, so new customers just starting the trial period can expect lots of expert help during initial ramp-up. Be sure to get your expected pricing and contract terms squared away as soon as possible. 

The videos above offer useful insights into how Lead Forensics works. They are also helpful for understanding how this category of software tools works more generally, across all vendors competing in this segment of B2B lead generation tools.

Good luck with your B2B lead generation activities. You may find that Lead Forensics or one of their competitors becomes an important part of your lead generation strategy. 

Comments and Feedback

Have you used Lead Forensics or any alternative products for website visitor tracking? Drop a quick comment below if you have feedback, questions, or any other insights to add here.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing with your social networks.


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