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Leadfeeder Reviews, Demos, and Alternatives

Customer Reviews, Demo Videos, and Alternatives  

This post discusses how Leadfeeder works as a B2B website visitor tracking tool to identify sales leads, using customer and vendor-provided video reviews and demonstrations to illustrate key benefits.

It also provides links to related material, including several Leadfeeder alternatives in this software category.

Tip: Use the yellow Contents box below to jump to specific sections of this post. 

leadfeeder reviews and alternatives
Leadfeeder is one of the top tools for B2B website visitor tracking and lead generation. See highlights below, plus several Leadfeeder alternatives and competitors in this software segment.

Last updated Sep 22, 2023

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Leadfeeder Introduction

B2B Website-Based Lead Generation from the Nordics

Leadfeeder is a prominent software vendor focused on identifying and tracking B2B website visitors to generate sales leads from anonymous website traffic.

Founded in 2012 in Helsinki, Finland, Leadfeeder is a top competitor in the Nordic region, across Europe more generally, and now in North America and other regions as well.

If you’re new to Leadfeeder, the sections and videos directly below will provide a good introduction for you.

Leadfeeder + Echobot = Dealfront

In 2022, Leadfeeder and Germany-based Echobot merged to form a new combined firm named Dealfront, which officially launched in April 2023.

Dealfront is an EU-native and AI-powered go-to-market (GTM) platform that helps B2B sales and marketing teams generate leads and close deals in Europe, plus non-EU sales regions including the UK, United States, and Canada. 

Dealfront’s capabilities include B2B sales prospecting, buyer intent signals, website visitor tracking, and targeted B2B advertising.

Learn more about Leadfeeder and the Dealfront platform here.


Leadfeeder Pricing

Leadfeeder offers several pricing tiers to match a wide range of budgets, starting at ~ $139/month when paid on an annual plan. They also offer a free trial and even a completely free version called Leadfeeder Lite.

See Leadfeeder’s latest pricing details here.

If you are already familiar with this solution and want to explore other options, see the Leadfeeder alternatives section further down. 

Also see this Leadfeeder vs Lead Forensics comparison, and this post on Leadfeeder vs Albacross. Both of these vendors, plus others further below, are Leadfeeder alternatives/competitors.

See the first video below for a quick overview of Leadfeeder’s software platform.

Leadfeeder Intro Video

Disclosure: This post contains a few referral links to vendor partners. We may receive compensation for software purchases made via these links, at no additional cost to buyers.

Leadfeeder User Reviews and Demo Videos

Leadfeeder Software Overview 

This vendor-provided video does a good job of describing how Leadfeeder works. It covers the core Leadfeeder product capabilities plus some optional add-on features that will be useful for many users.

Key points and video timeline markers include:

  • Lead sorting by quality score (a lead scoring feature)      (0:45)
  • Visitor filtering features (to filter out non-useful traffic)      (1:10)
  • Email notifications and other triggers      (2:10)
  • Visiting company details / firmographic info      (2:30)
  • Leadfeeder Contacts (contact database of actual people)      (2:43)
  • Visit details, including source and click path insights      (3:10)
  • Booster Script to track multiple people from the same company      (3:20)
  • CRM data synchronization      (3:45)
  • Hiding companies to optimize monthly lead quota / budget      (4:15)
  • Integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator      (4:25)
  • MailChimp integration for data at individual people level      (4:32)
  • Leadfeeder admin functions      (4:55)

This vendor-provided video is one of the better demos for understanding how Leadfeeder works, including a few useful options.

Leadfeeder Product Intro — Shorter Version 

A shorter (3-minute) Leadfeeder overview and starter guide is available here.

Improving IP Match Rates and Visitor Identification Capabilities

Leadfeeder also leverages their proprietary Leadfeeder Tracker technology, either alone or in combination with Google Analytics, to greatly boost IP match rates.

They also incorporate proprietary new techniques to associate website visitors with companies in today’s work-from-home era.  

The goal is simple: to help users get even more ROI from their Leadfeeder product investment.   

leadfeeder free trial promotion
Leadfeeder offers a free trial, flexible pricing plans, and even a free ‘Leadfeeder Lite’ version for users who don’t need the paid options.


Leadfeeder for Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

In B2B marketing and sales, website visitor tracking for account identification and sales intelligence data is a fundamental aspect of ABM strategies. 

Learn how website visitor tracking supports ABM in this post, which also highlights Leadfeeder’s capabilities in account-based marketing.

See Leadfeeder’s intro to their ABM capabilities here.

Leadfeeder also supports ABM advertising and retargeting, including LinkedIn ad options.

Now onward to a few Leadfeeder customer and digital agency video highlights. 

Leadfeeder Customer Review  Solo Consultant

This 6-minute Leadfeeder review from independent consultant Paul shows that tracking website visitors can be useful even for very small B2B businesses.

Paul shows how he integrates Leadfeeder with Pipedrive (CRM) and also MailChimp for his email outreach efforts.

Other product highlights include:

  • Custom filters (e.g., for specific pages visited)
  • Deeper visitor insights as a result of Leadfeeder’s MailChimp integration
  • Customizable email notifications, including real time alerts

It looks like Paul is getting good value from his Leadfeeder setup, and is using it well to maximize his productivity for new business development. That’s key for small businesses with limited sales and marketing staff, and especially for solo operations like Paul’s consulting business.

(Tip: You may need to crank up the volume quite a bit on this one.)

This video demonstrates some of Leadfeeder’s key features, with an emphasis on Pipedrive (CRM) and MailChimp integrations.  

Leadfeeder User Insights  Digital Marketing Agency

In this video, KPS Digital Marketing provides a peek at how they use Leadfeeder within their marketing agency. 

The highlight of this video is the discussion about visitor click path insights for one of their converted leads, starting at the 4:25 mark.

I start the video below at the 1:17 mark, just to jump right into the main discussion points.

A digital marketing agency uses Leadfeeder for business development. They leverage visitor click-path insights and other core Leadfeeder capabilities.  

Leadfeeder Review  Digital Marketing Consultant

The video below, from Mike at Specialized Digital Marketing in the US, provides another user’s inside look at Leadfeeder.

This one doesn’t go into great depth, but Mike does provide some useful insights that complement some of the other videos included in this post.

Highlights include:

  • A quick look at what ‘Leadfeeder Lite’ provides. This is the free Leadfeeder version that trial users will default back into if they don’t move forward with a paid plan. Of course, functionality is limited with Leadfeeder Lite, but some users will still find it to be useful.
  •  A review of the wide range of company data provided. Sometimes it’s a pretty full company profile; in other cases it’s rather limited. It all depends on what Leadfeeder has or can find based on the visitor’s IP address.
  • CRM integrations with webCRM and Pipedrive. (This video is from late summer 2016, so be sure to check Leadfeeder’s website for the latest native integrations available.)
  • Examples of LinkedIn data available.
  • Discussion of subscription options and cost/benefit for lead generation.

I start this video at the 2:07 mark and exit after the main review wraps up at the 7:45 point.

Other Leadfeeder Customer Success Stories

These two Leadfeeder customer testimonials are also worth a very quick look.

These are from digital marketing agencies located in California. No product demonstrations here — just verbal testimonials and explanations of why these firms use Leadfeeder and/or recommend them to their B2B clients.

Leadfeeder Alternatives & Primary Competitors

Quick Look at Main Leadfeeder Alternatives 

Given the never-ending need for good B2B lead generation tools, Leadfeeder is not the lone option in this software category. I’ve provided logo links below to many of the primary Leadfeeder alternatives/competitors in this market segment.

Leadfeeder’s Competitors Include:

Leadfeeder Reviews & Alternatives — Related Info

For more on B2B website visitor tracking tools in general, and solutions like Leadfeeder, see my related posts linked below.

(All links will open in new browser tabs.)

Learn more about B2B website visitor identification and many of the top vendors providing these tools. Includes Leadfeeder and other major competitors.

See these intro and overview posts for Lead Forensics, LeadLander, and Visual Visitor.

These three posts highlight several B2B website visitor tracking vendors based in the UK and Europe, plus B2B visitor tracking tools from the US and Canada, and several of the newer solutions available for tracking B2B website visitors.

Learn more here about how B2B website visitor tracking works with account-based marketing (ABM). This post features Leadfeeder for its excellent ABM capabilities. 

See how website visitor tracking tools like Leadfeeder and others add value specifically for B2B marketing teams.

Understand how Google Analytics performs basic visitor identification functions

Learn how to conduct a successful free software trial for website visitor tracking tools. This is general advice, no matter which software option you may choose.

Finally, here’s a post on how website visitor identification vendors comply with GDPR. Leadfeeder and competing vendors have different angles for approaching this, but the news is generally good for these vendors regarding GDPR and similar data privacy laws.

Leadfeeder Reviews & Alternatives — Final Thoughts

Definitely Worth a Closer Look for B2B Sales and Marketing

If you’re looking for ways to identify B2B sales leads based on who is visiting your website, this software should certainly be on your list for exploring further. 

Leadfeeder provides all the core features required for most B2B website visitor identification and tracking needs. 

And now, as part of the new Dealfront platform alongside Echobot, Leadfeeder provides even more value for EU and other regions. 

Additionally, their features such as Leadfeeder Contacts, Booster Script, and seamless MailChimp integration for deeper visitor behavior insights from email campaigns give them competitive differentiation vs many Leadfeeder alternatives.

Leadfeeder also solidly supports account-based marketing strategies, which has become a major B2B marketing and sales emphasis in recent years.

Of course, Leadfeeder’s free trial period makes it easy to get started with essentially no risk.

Check it out via the referral banner below.

leadfeeder free trial promotion

Comments and Feedback

Have you used Leadfeeder or any good Leadfeeder alternatives?

What do you like most about using Leadfeeder?

What has your experience been using various Leadfeeder competitors?

Drop a quick comment below if you have feedback, questions, or any other insights to add here.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing with your social networks.


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Hello and thanks for reading!

I’ve built an Excel spreadsheet that captures key details on virtually all software products that focus on anonymous website visitor identification.

(Many more vendors than I have room to include in this post!)

It’s based on many hours of my vendor research… and I’m happy to share it as a helpful reference item for you.

Just drop me your best email address below and I’ll send the link to the spreadsheet download page.

Grab the current version now. I’ll send you future updates, too!