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Leadfeeder vs Albacross — Comparing B2B Lead Generation Tools

Last updated Aug 15, 2022

Two Software Options for B2B Website Visitor Tracking and ABM. Is One Right for You?

Based in the Nordics, both Leadfeeder (Finland) and Albacross (Sweden) compete for B2B corporate customers wanting to drive more prospects and revenue from their website traffic.

How are they similar? In what areas do they differ? Should you pick one over the other for your B2B lead generation and revenue growth tech stack?

This post provides Leadfeeder vs Albacross highlights and some additional resources that may also help you make informed decisions in this area.

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    b2b lead generation with leadfeeder and albacross website visitor tracking tools
    Leadfeeder and Albacross help you discover, identify, and reach out to B2B sales prospects based on your company’s website visitor traffic.

    This post contains a few referral links to vendor partners. We may receive compensation for future purchases made via these links, at no additional cost to buyers.

    Quick Summary

    • Leadfeeder and Albacross are both top options for companies looking for B2B website visitor identification and tracking tools, including ABM and buyer intent capabilities.
    • Both platforms have similar core features, with product differentiators in areas like 3rd-party integrations and buyer intent insights.
    • Both leverage proprietary IP databases and advanced methods for website visitor identification, company matching, etc.
    • Both have tiered pricing plans, though Leadfeeder is more up-front about pricing. Albacross and Leadfeeder both also offer a free option with functionality limitations vs the paid levels.

    Comparing Leadfeeder and Albacross

    Leadfeeder vs Albacross — Competitive Highlights

    Albacross and Leadfeeder are both squarely positioned in the B2B lead generation space, with a focus on website-based visitor identification, tracking, and prospect follow-up.

    Leadfeeder often pops up as one of the better Albacross alternatives, and vice versa. They are two of the more prominent options among the B2B website visitor tracking and lead generation solutions based in Europe.

    Leadfeeder is also merging with Germany-based Echobot, which specializes in privacy-compliant B2B sales intelligence data for European markets.

    Leadfeeder and Albacross share many similarities, with a few notable differences as well. Here are most of the main comparison points.

    Leadfeeder vs Albacross — Key Comparisons

    Vendor and Product FeaturesLeadfeederAlbacross
    Headquarters locationHelsinki, FinlandStockholm, Sweden
    Founding year20122015 – 2016
    Customer base30,000+
    Built specifically for B2B sales and marketingYesYes
    GDPR compliantYesYes
    Number of users allowedUnlimited10 max
    Number of websites trackedOne site per paid subscription‘Unlimited’
    Number of monthly leads100 to 5000+
    Varies by pricing tier (8+ tiers)
    500 to 2500+
    Varies by pricing tier
    Proprietary tracking scriptYesYes
    CMS plugins for tracking script (WordPress, etc.)NoYes
    Google Analytics integrationYesVia 3rd-party
    Can identify visitors by actual company name (based on IP address mapping)YesYes
    Can identify actual visiting people by name, email, etc.SomeSome
    Leverages proprietary IP-to-Company matching databasesYesYes
    Automatically filters out ISPsYesYes
    Visiting company profile summaryYesYes
    Individual company contact lookup functionalityYesOptional
    Simple ‘clickstream’ pageview dataYesYes
    Customizable prospect lead scoringYesYes
    Buyer intent insightsSomeYes
    (intent data)
    Account-based marketing (ABM) supportYesYes
    ABM advertising supportYesYes
    Visiting company ‘watch lists’ to trigger alerts to salesYesYes
    Real-time lead alerts for sales teamYesYes
    B2B sales-friendly user interface and workflowYesYes
    Automated sales lead reportingYesYes
    Direct integration with CRMs, marketing automation, email platforms, etc.Yes
    ‘Always Free’ (limited functionality) versions availableYesYes
    Free trialYes
    (14 Days)
    (14 Days)
    Primary support channelsLive chat, email, knowledge baseLive chat, email, knowledge base
    YouTube library (intro, features, training, etc.)140+ videos30+ videos
    Rating on Capterra4.2/5 stars
    (98 reviews)
    4.5/5 stars
    (107 reviews)
    Rating on G24.3/5 stars
    (633 reviews)
    4.6/5 stars
    (85 reviews)
    Comparing Leadfeeder vs Albacross — Vendor Summary Table

    Albacross vs Leadfeeder — Pricing Differences

    Albacross and Leadfeeder take different approaches to pricing and pricing transparency.

    View Leadfeeder’s pricing here.

    Leadfeeder offers a wide range of pricing tiers based on monthly lead volumes. Their pricing starts at $79/month when paid on an annual basis. This is a 20% savings vs paying month-to-month. Their pricing structure is publicly available on the Leadfeeder website via the link above.

    Albacross requires a sales inquiry form submission, which is available here, before providing pricing details. Like several other software vendors in this segment, Albacross has elected to not be quite so public about its pricing. 

    Vendor-Supplied Comparisons

    Leadfeeder and Albacross both provide their own assessments of strengths and weaknesses against each other.


    Here is Leadfeeder’s self-comparison vs Albacross

    Leadfeeder notes their advantages versus Albacross include:

    • More native integrations with related tools like CRMs, etc. (Albacross is much more Zapier-dependent for 3rd-party integrations.)
    • More features at the entry-level paid tier
    • Lower cost-per-lead at medium to high monthly lead levels
    • A more comprehensive company and contact database

    Leadfeeder explains their proprietary Leadfeeder Tracker techniques here.

    Leadfeeder also has methods of identifying visitors even in today’s work-from-home environment, with remote workers who aren’t always connected to company networks and IP addresses. Learn more about how Leadfeeder handles this.

    Related post: Also learn more about identifying website visitors who work from home or other non-company locations.

    Also learn here how Leadfeeder supports account-based marketing (ABM) and even account-targeted advertising and retargeting via LinkedIn contacts


    Here is how Albacross thinks they stack up directly against Leadfeeder.

    Albacross claims these advantages vs Leadfeeder:

    • Simpler setup via CMS plugins for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal
    • Longer lead history retention

    The Albacross-provided comparison also claims that Leadfeeder relies solely on Google Analytics tracking code, but that is not quite correct. See the Leadfeeder Tracker link here or above for more insights.

    For B2B ABM fans, learn more here about using Albacross for account-based marketing.

    Related Posts

    Also see this detailed comparison of Leadfeeder vs Lead Forensics for a closer look at the similarities and differences of these popular platforms. 

    And this post on how website visitor tracking tools and account-based marketing (ABM) work well together.

    Leadfeeder and Albacross Intro Videos

    Quick Intros and Product Value Propositions

    The two short videos below will give you a basic overview of the product capabilities and value propositions for the Leadfeeder and Albacross solutions.

    Leadfeeder Intro Video

    leadfeeder free trial popular albacross alternative

    Albacross Intro Video

    Leadfeeder and Albacross Alternatives / Competitors

    For people looking for Leadfeeder or Albacross alternatives, the vendors listed below are also worthy contenders in the area of B2B website visitor tracking. Clicking on the logos and links here will open the vendor websites in new browser tabs.

    Albacross vs Leadfeeder — Who Wins?

    Albacross, Leadfeeder, or Something Else?

    Leadfeeder and Albacross are certainly both very worthy solutions in the area of B2B website visitor tracking and lead generation. The products have many similarities along with differences that matter to some users.

    Both vendors also support account-based marketing (ABM) approaches to B2B sales and marketing.

    People looking for good Albacross alternatives should certainly consider Leadfeeder.

    Similarly, those seeking Leadfeeder alternatives should look into Albacross.

    Albacross and Leadfeeder also have a variety of other direct competitors in this segment, as noted in the section directly above. 

    Leadfeeder has been around for a few years longer than Albacross and has a larger customer base, according to vendor claims. They also score highly on data quality and accuracy, and native 3rd-party integrations. Leadfeeder’s platform maturity certainly shows in these areas.

    Notably, Leadfeeder is also working hard to map corporate users on dynamic IP networks (e.g., work-from-home users), vs static company IP networks and addresses. 

    Leadfeeder also takes a ‘low-friction’, do-it-yourself approach to starting a free 2-week trial. You can get started without first going through a pre-sales routine with the vendor.

    Albacross looks very strong in the area of ‘intent data’. Be sure to check out their offerings for Intent Data, Analytics Enrichment, Personalization Enrichment, and Account Based Marketing.

    Related: Also see this pricing summary for popular B2B website visitor tracking tools.

    Questions or Comments?

    Drop me a line in the comments area below if you have any questions, comments, or other thoughts on this Leadfeeder vs Albacross comparison.

    I hope this info has been helpful for you. Thanks for reading, and good luck with your B2B demand generation and selling efforts!

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    Hello and thanks for reading!

    I’ve built an Excel spreadsheet that captures key details on virtually all software products that focus on anonymous website visitor identification.

    (Many more vendors than I have room to include in this post!)

    It’s based on many hours of my vendor research… and I’m happy to share it as a helpful reference item for you.

    Just drop me your best email address below and I’ll send the link to the spreadsheet download page.

    Grab the current version now. I’ll send you future updates, too!