LeadLander Reviews – Introduction & Alternatives

Product Highlights, Plus Competitors to Consider 

This post features an intro video and sample screenshots for LeadLander’s B2B lead generation software, designed to discover sales leads from anonymous website visitors. 

Also provides brief customer testimonial videos and links to related content about B2B website visitor tracking, including LeadLander alternatives.

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Last Updated: Apr 16, 2021

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LeadLander Introduction

Identify and Track Your Anonymous Website Visitors

LeadLander is a US-based software provider that helps B2B companies develop new sales leads from their anonymous website visitors. LeadLander helps companies worldwide identify unknown website users and understand what they are doing on the website, all in support of improving B2B sales and boosting revenue.

By ‘anonymous’, we mean the vast majority of B2B website visitors who browse company websites without taking the next step of registering for more information, filling out forms, making sales inquiries, etc. 

These unidentified users are still just in ‘shopping mode’, doing web research, learning about solution alternatives, and comparing vendors.

See this video for a quick overview of LeadLander features and user benefits.

LeadLander Intro Video

Play Video

Disclosure: I’m an affiliate partner for LeadLander and may receive compensation for software purchases made via links within this post. Just wanted you to know that. Thanks for your support!

LeadLander Software Review

This section explores several areas of the software’s user interface in order to highlight many of the main features and benefits of LeadLander.

Main Visitor Dashboard

This screenshot provides an overview of the main LeadLander dashboard. Elements displayed here include:

  • Visitors per period, including averages
  • Most active and most recent visitors
  • Most active locations (geographies)
  • Top referring sites and search terms (for visitor acquisition channel analysis)
  • Most recent people (if identified and recorded at an actual user level)
  • Conversion metrics (when applicable… e.g., for website form conversions)

The version immediately below is from a demo account and is representative of which areas could  be included in a live LeadLander user view. 

leadlander visitor identification software

The following screenshot shows similar information, arranged in a slightly different configuration for a different user.

leadlander visitor tracking dashboard


Daily Summary Report

This screenshot shows a LeadLander Daily Report, which includes:

  • A daily visitor summary, with total companies identified per period, how many visitors viewed multiple website pages, and number of form-based conversions recorded.
  • A ranking of identified companies by number and value of pages visited. This is basically a form of high-level lead scoring, using page visits and weighting factors as indicators of a web prospect’s interest level.
  • Visitor email address information, when available. This may be based on form conversions or other user-level identifiers associated with specific visitors’ website sessions.

leadlander daily visitors report


Visitor Categories

It’s also possible in LeadLander to filter records based on visitor types, such as companies, internet service providers (ISPs), and even individuals in some cases.

leadlander visitor categories company people isp

This can help you make sure that the system is properly categorizing your website visitors. For example, not letting smaller ISPs slip through as legitimate corporate prospects.

Company Visitor Details

The next two screenshots illustrate how LeadLander presents company-level visitor data for a selected date range.

Clicking on a specific row brings up more useful data about that company, collected in the yellow shaded boxes on the right side.

The table on the left side includes:

  • Visiting company name
  • Physical location
  • Last visit date and time
  • Number of pages visited
  • Numeric lead score 

Company data on the right side includes:

  • Basic company info, including company name, website address, contact details, physical office address, industry and revenue insights. This is the company demographic and firmographic data that LeadLander is able to discover, all starting with the visitor’s IP address.
  • IP address and GeoLocation
  • Referral info (when available… i.e., the website or search engine that referred the visitor to your website)
  • Numeric lead score (with color coding)
  • User info… when available
  • Notes section… for any additional notes added by the LeadLander user 

leadlander website visitor details

leadlander website visitor details


LeadLander User Actions

LeadLander users have a variety of options available for handling individual company records. As shown below, they can:

  • Email a report to a colleague for additional follow-up or team-based selling
  • Record their own notes about the company, lead status, etc.
  • Add the company to their own watchlist (e.g., for real-time email alerts)
  • Find the company in their existing CRM records, e.g., Salesforce
  • Adjust lead scoring parameters
  • Adjust lead filtering settings
  • Find company contacts in LinkedIn
  • Request a data review (for info accuracy checks)

leadlander user actions


Visitor Clickpath Data

LeadLander collects the series of pageviews associated with each website visitor. This is called the “clickpath data” or “click stream” for a visitor session. 


Clickpath data can be very valuable to a B2B sales team. For example, it can verify a customer prospect’s interest in specific product or service offerings before an introductory sales call, or help prepare sales for an important follow-up discussion or presentation.

Lead Scoring

Some website visitor activities (e.g., pageviews) are potentially more important than others, and this is where lead scoring comes into play. 

LeadLander provides a simple way to assign numeric values to specific web pages, as shown below. 


For example, we would assign higher lead scores to visitors who viewed key product/service pages, pricing pages, case studies, ROI calculators, and other indicators of a deepening interest in our solutions.

It’s also possible to color-code the different pages, which helps LeadLander users to visually identify their higher-quality prospects.

(We also see this in the company-level summary screenshots discussed earlier.)

Summary Page Activity

As shown below, LeadLander also provides overall website page activity details within a selected date range.

This report may also be interesting to a company’s marketing team. It’s similar to page-level metrics available in Google Analytics, so should be a useful check against GA pageview metrics.

For sales follow-up purposes, it’s great to know which specific pages a website visitor was interested in, so the visitor-specific clickpath data is generally more useful for sales teams.

website visitor pageview metrics


Automated Reporting and Email Alerts

Flexible reporting and alerting features are core to good website visitor tracking software, and LeadLander covers this area well. See screen views here.

leadlander visitor reports email alerts

leadlander email alerts company watchlist

leadlander watchlist alerts

As we see above, LeadLander can provide daily, weekly, and real-time email alerts and reports based on visitor activity and/or engagement on the website.

We can also add companies to a “watchlist” and trigger real-time email notifications to sales when that company visits our site.

The watchlist feature is great for salespeople who are trying to gain traction with a prospect company and want to know right away when someone from that firm has come back for another web visit.  

Other LeadLander Software Highlights

In recent years, LeadLander’s software development efforts have also focused on important customer priorities such as mobile-friendly design and improvements to dashboards and overall user experience. 

Both of these are greatly needed by active sales teams who are regularly on the move and need seamless mobile access, notifications, and real-time visitor alerts from their lead generation tools.

Other enhancements include:

  • API access, which allows programmatic solutions for dynamic content delivery and integration with other sales and marketing applications. For example, this can help improve lead conversion rates by delivering dynamic website content based on visitor history.
  • Improved performance in support of larger enterprise customers. 


leadlander free software trial

LeadLander Pricing, Demo, and Free Trial

The highlights above offer just a brief introduction to the full capabilities of LeadLander. As with any software tool, the best way to gauge the potential value for your organization is to request a free trial and then run a proper software evaluation.

LeadLander doesn’t publish its pricing tiers directly on their website, but it’s easy to request it, as well as a free software demo or trial.  Just follow the link below. 

Request LeadLander pricing details, demo, and trial information here.

LeadLander Customer Reviews

In this testimonial video, Jeremy briefly describes his experience using LeadLander for 8+ years. His staff of 12 sales people all use the software on a daily basis to monitor lead flow in real time and respond appropriately using data-driven account strategies.

In this video, Jerry discusses how an outside marketing agency recommended and integrated LeadLander into the B2B websites of several of his portfolio businesses, in support of their sales efforts.

LeadLander Alternatives

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LeadLander is one of several vendors competing in this segment of B2B lead generation solutions.    

I discuss other website visitor tracking options here.

leadlander competitors

Global Vendor Spreadsheet Available

I’ve also compiled a master spreadsheet that helps to organize and profile various website visitor identification and tracking software solutions globally. Includes LeadLander and alternatives, large and small, from around the world.  

Hit the button below for more details.

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LeadLander Review Wrap-Up

LeadLander – A Great Option for B2B Sales Acceleration 

For B2B firms with active sales teams, tools like LeadLander can provide a big boost in new closed deals and revenues. For firms selling ‘high-value’ B2B solutions, a single new sale per year may provide full payback (or more) of the cost of the website visitor tracking software. The potential for high ROI is definitely there with LeadLander.

LeadLander provides all the core features required for website visitor identification and tracking needs. It’s easy to set up and operate, can pay for itself quickly in many scenarios, and is free to try.

It may be just what your sales team needs to help with significant revenue challenges in 2020 and beyond.  

Request LeadLander pricing details, demo, and trial information here.

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Drop a quick comment below if you have feedback, questions, or any other LeadLander reviews and insights to add here.

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Hello and thanks for reading!

I’ve built an Excel spreadsheet that captures key details on virtually all software products that focus on anonymous website visitor identification.

(Many more vendors than I have room to include in this post!)

It’s based on many hours of my vendor research… and I’m happy to share it as a helpful reference item for you.

Just drop me your best email address below and I’ll send the link to the spreadsheet download page.

Grab the current version now. I’ll send you future updates, too!