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Best Paid SEO Audit Tools — Software Intros & Highlights

Last updated Apr 10, 2023

A Look at Some of the Top Premium Tools for Conducting Website SEO Audits

With so many SEO tools available today, which ones offer great site auditing capabilities? How does website auditing fit into the overall bundle of tools in the most popular SEO platforms?

This post introduces several of the best paid SEO tools for conducting comprehensive website audits.

The focus here is on website audit functionality, though most of these SEO toolkits handle a wide variety of other SEO and SEM needs as well.

Let’s take a closer look below…

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    semrush seo website audit report
    The best SEO software suites always include a good website audit toolkit. Here are some of today’s top audit tools for website owners and SEO practitioners.
    (Screenshot: Semrush)

    This post contains a few referral links to vendor partners. We may receive compensation for purchases made via these links, at no additional cost to buyers.

    Why Are Website SEO Audits Important?

    An Essential Step for Website Health and SEO Performance

    If you manage a website — for your own business and/or for client sites — and you want it to perform reasonably well in organic search, then doing periodic website SEO audits is an absolute must.

    With a thorough SEO audit, you’ll identify where your site is in good shape SEO-wise, and where it is not. You’ll also be able to find and fix things that frustrate the website user experience, such as slow-loading pages, broken pages and links, etc.

    A complete website audit is also a great way to find many of your ‘quick win’ SEO opportunities — the problems and issues that are low-hanging fruit for your SEO fixes.

    Finding Problems and Site Optimization Opportunities

    The SEO software tools you use will uncover problems that are holding your site back from doing better in organic search. These areas include, but are not limited to:

    • HTTPS and related security issues
    • Broken links (internal and external)
    • Page Not Found errors (404 errors)
    • Missing or duplicate title tags and meta descriptions
    • Missing header tags (e.g, H1-H4 tags)
    • Overly large pages and posts
    • Slow-loading pages and posts
    • Image size problems
    • Missing image alt text
    • Google page experience scoring issues
    • Mobile-friendliness problems
    • Orphan content issues (no incoming internal links or navigation)
    • Site map issues
    • Internationalization
    • Robots.txt issues

    Some popular website audit tools now include Core Web Vitals and page speed analysis features.

    SEO PowerSuite even includes this in its competitor SERP analysis module.  

    Top SEO Audit Tools Covered Here

    In this post, I introduce 10 of the top paid tools you should consider for your SEO audit work. These software vendors include:

    • Moz
    • Semrush
    • Ahrefs
    • Ryte
    • SEO PowerSuite
    • Screaming Frog
    • Raven Tools
    • Ubersuggest
    • Serpstat
    • WebCEO

    The sections below introduce each of these vendor platforms, with specific focus on their SEO audit tools and capabilities.

    Related: Also see this pricing summary table for popular SEO tools and this post that uses my own website as the subject for a detailed SEO site audit using Google Search Console

    Moz — Site Auditor in a Premium SEO Suite

    moz logo

    A Leader in the Premium SEO Tools Market

    Moz Pro is the paid SEO suite of tools from Moz. Within this toolkit, you’ll find the ‘Site Crawl’ tool for performing complete SEO website audits.

    Moz Site Crawl conducts a complete site examination, crawling each page, post, and resource to look for technical SEO issues. It then organizes its findings into logical, prioritized sections for your review and further action.

    Moz Site Crawl Feature Highlights

    Site audit features in Moz Pro include:

    • Fast crawling of large sites
    • Issue prioritization, SEO impact, and recommended actions
    • Color-coded graphs and charts for easy interpretation
    • Tracking of new and recurring issues over time
    • User options to ignore certain issues, mark others as fixed, etc.
    • Automated re-crawling, including alerts for new issues found
    • Data export options
    • PDF export for reporting
    moz pro seo site audit summary
    Moz Pro’s Site Crawl Overview with SEO recommendations

    Moz Site Crawl Pricing

    Site audit features and limits vary by pricing tier for the overall Moz Pro suite.

    As of this update, Moz Pro pricing ranges from $79/month to $479/month when paid on an annual basis. This is a 20% discount vs a month-to-month plan.

    See Moz Pro latest pricing and feature details here.

    Also see the Moz 30-day free trial details here.

    Semrush — Website SEO Audits and Much More

    semrush logo

    SEO Tools and a Lot More

    Semrush (formerly ‘SEMrush’) is an SEO tools vendor that has added many other tools as well, becoming an expanded marketing software platform for digital marketers.

    In addition to SEO, they also now offer tools for social media management, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, and competitive PR monitoring.

    The Semrush Site Audit tool does exactly what the name suggests.

    Semrush Site Audit Feature Highlights

    SEO audit features in Semrush include:

    • Complete website scan covering 130+ technical and SEO areas
    • Prioritized breakdown for Errors, Warnings, and Notices
    • Sub-reports on specific areas like site crawlability, HTTPS usage, international SEO, site performance, internal linking issues, and crawl budget waste
    • Color-coded reporting
    • Flexible filtering to zero in on priority site content and issues
    • Automated audit rechecks and updates
    • Audit comparisons and progress monitoring over time
    semrush seo website audit report
    The Semrush SEO audit Site Health summary

    Semrush Site Audit Pricing

    SEO audit tools are available at all levels of the Semrush pricing structure. 

    As is typical with cloud-based subscription (SaaS) products, more tools and features become available as you move up in pricing tiers.

    Semrush pricing currently ranges from roughly $100/month to $375/month on an annual basis. This represents up to a 17% savings vs just paying monthly.

    See the latest Semrush pricing plans.

    Semrush is certainly worth a closer look purely for its SEO site audit and other SEO capabilities.

    For marketers and agencies in need of an expanded digital marketing toolkit that goes beyond a pure SEO focus, Semrush should also be on your shortlist of vendors to consider.

    You can start a free Semrush trial here.

    Ahrefs — Comprehensive SEO Site Auditor & Toolkit

    ahrefs seo tools logo

    Comprehensive Site Crawling and SEO Issue Identification

    Ahrefs is one of the ‘Big 3’ in my thinking about premium SEO software vendors, along with Moz and Semrush. Like other SEO platforms in their class, Ahrefs offers a complete suite of SEO tools, including website audit capabilities.

    The Ahrefs Site Audit tool was completely rebuilt in 2017. See the details on that move in this Ahrefs blog post.

    Ahrefs Site Audit Feature Highlights

    The updated Ahrefs website audit tool includes:

    • Complete crawl and analysis of your website
    • Ability to include/exclude specific site sections
    • Crawl as desktop or mobile user agent
    • JavaScript execution / rendering
    • Overall site health score
    • SEO issue identification and recommendations on how to fix them
    • Checks for 100+ pre-defined SEO issues
    • Content quality analysis
    • International / Localization issues (regarding Hreflang, etc.)
    • Data visualization (charts, etc.)
    • Advanced, flexible Data Explorer for more in-depth analysis
    • Integrated backlink and organic traffic data for more comprehensive analysis
    • Crawl scheduling for automated updates (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
    • Audit comparisons for progress tracking
    • Data export options
    ahrefs seo site audit overview
    Ahrefs website audit overview

    Ahrefs Site Audit Pricing

    Ahrefs Site Audit tools are available at all pricing plan levels, with some feature differences across the price tiers. For example, monthly crawl credits and data retention limits increase as the pricing plan increases. 

    When paid on an annual plan, Ahrefs pricing ranges from roughly $82/month to over $800/month. See the latest Ahrefs pricing and feature details here.

    Visit this page to start an Ahrefs trial.

    Ryte — Website Audit & Optimization Specialist

    ryte logo

    Focused on Website User Experience

    Ryte bills itself as the number one platform for website user experience, and they back up this claim with a powerful suite of website analysis and optimization tools.

    Ryte’s Website Audit and Optimization Feature Highlights

    Ryte’s Website Success tools for site audits, diagnosis, and optimization include:

    • A high-performance crawler that can handle millions of URLs per analysis
    • JavaScript execution and rendering
    • Google Analytics and Google Search Console integration for more comprehensive data and analysis
    • Google Core Web Vitals analysis
    • Content quality analysis
    • Issue categorization and prioritization via 40 issue reports
    • Clear and simple dashboards to help you understand issues and take action
    • Analysis of external tracking scripts for GDPR compliance
    • Even a website carbon-neutral impact analysis and ability to offset CO2 emissions
    ryte seo audit website optimization report
    Ryte’s website optimization summary

    Ryte Pricing

    The Ryte platform starts at about $100/month for a Basic plan, $400/month for a Business plan, and custom pricing for Enterprise levels.

    Get the latest on Ryte’s pricing plan and included features here.

    You can easily book a platform demo with Ryte here, or even sign up for a free trial here.

    SEO PowerSuite — Powerful & Affordable Site Auditor

    seo powersuite applications

    A Desktop SEO Powerhouse with Advanced Site Audit Tools  

    Unlike the cloud-based (SaaS) SEO vendors in this roundup, SEO PowerSuite is a set of four SEO tools that run as desktop or laptop applications. It’s the main software suite I’ve used for the last several years (Enterprise edition).

    The ‘desktop SEO applications’ product approach brings a few distinct advantages as well as a few disadvantages, depending on your SEO work needs and preferences. If you find yourself routinely doing all of your SEO work from a single desktop machine or laptop, then SEO PowerSuite may be especially attractive.

    One of the main advantages is lower overall cost. SEO PowerSuite is less expensive vs the premium SEO platforms, as I describe in this post on affordable SEO software tools and this post comparing desktop and cloud-based SEO tools.

    SEO PowerSuite also incorporates some helpful cloud-based features, which are nicely integrated into the desktop app experience. 

    SEO PowerSuite Site Audit Feature Highlights

    For comprehensive site audits, SEO PowerSuite’s WebSite Auditor application includes the following features:

    • Complete or partial site crawling with the customizable SEO PowerSuite crawler
    • SEO Health Check based on dozens of on-page and technical SEO factors
    • Customizable desktop app workspace
    • Graphical site visualizations for a bird’s-eye view of your overall website
    • Internal linking analysis and broken link checker
    • Color-coded and prioritized SEO problem alerts
    • Problem descriptions and recommendations for corrective action 
    • Robots.txt and XML sitemap generators
    • Integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console data
    • Integration with Google PageSpeed Insights for page speed and Core Web Vitals analysis
    • Page content optimization, including keyword stuffing analysis and term usage suggestions based on TF-IDF analysis
    • Customizable branded reports (white label, optional) for SEO agency client reporting
    • Reporting options include PDF, email, and web distribution
    • Data export options
    • Automated SEO audit task scheduling and execution
    seo powersuite website auditor
    SEO PowerSuite website audit and content optimization tools

    SEO PowerSuite WebSite Auditor Pricing

    You can purchase WebSite Auditor as part of an overall SEO PowerSuite bundle (all four applications), or as a standalone site auditor application.

    The full suite paid version starts at $299/year (~ $25/month) for the Pro version and runs $699/year (~ $58/month) for the Enterprise version.

    See the latest SEO PowerSuite bundle pricing and included features here.

    There’s also a ‘free forever’ version here. The free version does include some feature and capacity limitations, but it’s not time-limited like the typical free trials from cloud-based vendors.

    You can take your time to really explore all the software’s capabilities and then move to a paid license if and when it makes sense for your situation.

    seo powersuite free software trial
    Download a no-time-limit free trial version of the entire SEO PowerSuite bundle.

    WebSite Auditor Standalone Version

    If you just want the site audit and on-page content optimization capabilities of SEO PowerSuite, you have the option of buying WebSite Auditor as a standalone application.

    Pricing is $125/year for the Pro version and $299/year for Enterprise.

    Screaming Frog — Popular Dedicated Site Crawler

    screaming frog logo

    A Popular SEO Crawler Desktop Application

    Thousands of SEO practitioners around the world know and love the SEO spider and analysis tools from the search marketing agency pros at Screaming Frog.

    Unlike cloud-based platforms such as Moz and Semrush, Screaming Frog is a desktop application that is focused solely on performing comprehensive SEO site audits.

    Screaming Frog Features

    Screaming Frog is definitely a feature-rich site audit tool. It’s difficult to extract just a few highlights, so I simply recommend reviewing the Screaming Frog product details page here.

    You’ll find that it’s a very complete SEO audit toolkit with some notable special features, including: 

    • Finding exact duplicate or near-duplicate pages (duplicate content SEO issues)
    • Crawl comparisons for progress tracking
    • AMP page crawling and validation
    • Structured data analysis
    • Spelling and grammar checks in 25+ languages
    • Link metrics integration via Majestic, Ahrefs, and Moz APIs
    • Storing and viewing both raw and rendered HTML
    • Custom source code search
    • Custom data extraction with XPath, CSS Path, or RegEx

    Screaming Frog Versions and Pricing

    The Screaming Frog Spider Tool comes in free and paid versions.

    The free version offers a very basic feature set and has a crawl limit of 500 URLs. It may be all that some people need for their target website(s).

    The paid version is £149 (British Pounds) per year and includes the full feature set along with free technical support. Purchase a Screaming Frog license here

    There’s a big difference in feature sets between the free and paid versions, so the paid tool may be well worth the investment for serious SEO folks. 

    Also, be sure to see their SEO Spider User Guide and helpful tutorials.

    Raven Tools — Site Auditing in a Cloud-Based SEO Toolkit

    raven tools logo

    Site Audits and More in a Cloud-Based SEO Toolkit

    Raven is one of the more affordable all-in-one SEO platforms available and includes site audits as one of its modules.

    Website Auditor Feature Highlights 

    The Raven Tools Website Auditor covers all the major elements of a comprehensive SEO site audit. Features include:

    • Customizable crawl depth and crawl exclusions
    • Executable from any device: PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc.
    • On-site SEO analysis broken down into six main categories: Visibility Issues, Meta Issues, Content Issues, Link Issues, Image Issues, and Semantic Issues
    • Desktop and mobile page speed analysis
    • Actionable checklists of suggestions for site improvements
    • Audit progress tracking over time (especially useful for client reporting)
    • Direct integration into Raven’s reporting tool
    • Shareable audit results and reports
    • Audit scheduling for automated analysis and updates
    raven tools seo site audit
    Raven Tools SEO audit issues report

    Raven Tools Website Auditor Pricing

    Raven’s site auditor tool is included with its complete suite of SEO tools. 

    Pricing for the full bundle ranges from $39/month to around $400/month on an annual payment plan. This represents up to a 30% reduction vs a month-to-month payment cycle.

    See the latest Raven Tools pricing plan here.

    All plans include some level of site auditing capabilities. For SEO audits specifically, higher plans allow more users, domains/campaigns, and monthly page crawl limits.

    It’s also worth noting that Raven Tools has an interesting mix of client report capabilities at all plan levels, and third-party data integration options.

    Ubersuggest — Website SEO Analysis in a User-Friendly Toolkit

    ubersuggest logo

    Complete SEO and Site Audit Toolkit from Neil Patel Digital

    Ubersuggest is the SEO software platform acquired and improved by popular digital marketing expert Neil Patel and his software team.

    It was completely free for a while, and I suspected it was going to become a paid / premium tool within a short period of time. That is exactly what happened. See more pricing details below.

    For performing website audits, Ubersuggest includes this SEO Analyzer module. 

    SEO Analyzer Feature Highlights

    • Website crawler (naturally)
    • Site analysis and suggested actions broken down into Critical Errors, Warnings, and Recommendations
    • Assessment of difficulty level and SEO impact of suggested actions
    • Site and page speed analysis for desktop and mobile users
    • Video tutorials for suggested corrections and fixes
    • Backlink checker (emphasized by Ubersuggest; other platforms handle this too)
    • Audit reporting
    ubersuggest seo site audit report
    Ubersuggest’s website audit summary report

    Ubersuggest SEO Analyzer Pricing 

    The good news is that Ubersuggest is priced very competitively, aimed at gaining market share and users from the more established premium tools, especially Ahrefs, Semrush, and Moz. I’ve also included it in my post about affordable SEO tools.

    See Ubersuggest pricing plans and included features here.

    Pricing ranges from $29/month to $99/month for the full suite of tools, including SEO Analyzer. There also may be a highly discounted lifetime deal available. Check the pricing page to see if that option is still available.

    Ubersuggest offers a free 7-day trial, and has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Serpstat — Site Audits and Many Other SEO/SEM Tools

    serpstat banner

    Site Audits and More in an All-in-One SEO Platform

    Serpstat subscribers get access to more than 30 tools for SEO / SEM marketing, and website audits are part of this mix.

    Serpstat offers full-site and single-page auditing capabilities, so you can focus at whatever level you need for your website analysis.

    Serpstat SEO Audit Feature Highlights

    • Comprehensive inspection for problems in: HTTP status codes, meta tags, headings (H1, H2, etc.), indexing and accessibility, redirects, AMP-related issues, markup issues, HTTPS certificates, internationalization (Hreflang), and multimedia.
    • Problem organization from high priority down to purely informational issues
    • Page-level audits for targeted analysis
    • Competitor page analysis for comparison purposes
    • Page speed analysis
    • Virus detection
    • Custom reporting
    serpstat website page audit summary
    Serpstat website page SEO issue analysis

    Serpstat Pricing 

    Serpstat’s SEO audit capabilities come bundled with the rest of the overall SEO toolkit. 

    Pricing ranges from $55/month to $400+ per month when paid on an annual basis. This is a 20% savings vs month-to-month payments.

    For site audit purposes, the main difference across the pricing plans is the number of page crawls allowed per month.

    View Serpstat’s latest pricing and feature details here.

    You can also sign up here to start a free test drive of their platform.

    WebCEO — Technical Website Audits and More


    Site Audits and 20+ Additional Online SEO Tools

    WebCEO is a well-established, cloud-based SEO platform that covers all the essentials of SEO analysis, including site audits. 

    The WebCEO Site Audit toolkit includes the following feature highlights:

    • Technical audit tool for site-wide and page-level audits
    • Flexible scan settings and controls
    • On-page SEO analysis and recommendations
    • Tips for taking corrective actions
    • Landing page analysis and reports
    • Page speed analysis
    • Mobile-friendliness review
    • Internal linking analysis
    • Sitemap generation
    • Google Analytics and Google Search Console integration
    • Automated scheduled audits and email alerts about problems found
    • Flexible reporting options
    • White-label SEO reports
    webceo technical website audit
    WebCEO technical SEO audit summary

    WebCEO Site Audit Pricing

    Site audit features are included in all WebCEO pricing levels, which vary from $29/month for a small starter plan to over $200/month when paid annually. This is a 25% savings vs paying month-to-month.

    As you would expect, the monthly page limit for site audits increases as the price level increases.  

    See and compare the latest WebCEO pricing plans here. You can also sign up for a free 14-day trial. This provides access to the full bundle of WebCEO tools, not just site audits.

    WebCEO vs SEO Tools Competitors

    WebCEO provides its own product comparisons versus several of the other SEO software platforms available. See the links below for these details.

    Semrush vs WebCEO

    Moz vs WebCEO

    Ahrefs vs WebCEO

    Raven Tools vs WebCEO

    Other SEO Audit Tools to Consider

    Other Options at Varying Price Points

    These are some of the other SEO tools and platforms that may also be worth your consideration. All of these have full-site and/or page-level SEO audit capabilities.


    Plans start at $19/month for a basic DIY SEO tools package.


    See their Site Crawl features here. WooRank pricing starts at about $53/month when paid on an annual plan.


    This is a site crawler and log file analyzer. Pricing ranges from free to Euro 499/month when paid annually (2 months free).

    Google Search Console

    Of course, don’t forget to use Google Search Console (GSC) for its free SEO audit capabilities. You can use GSC by itself, or in concert with many of the paid tools outlined above. Understanding and leveraging the data provided by GSC can definitely help you achieve faster SEO gains.

    Here’s a post that will take you through a detailed website SEO audit using Google’s free Search Console tool.

    Paid SEO Audit Tools — Final Thoughts

    Many Options and Many Similarities

    While researching SEO tools vendors and writing this post, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities of most platforms in terms of site audit capabilities.

    Nearly all vendors have comprehensive crawling and error reporting capabilities, along with prioritization levels and targeted recommendations.

    Some solutions are very site audit-specific, such as Screaming Frog. Most incorporate SEO audits into a broader bundle of SEO tools.

    Also, be aware that some SEO/SEM tools platforms actually *do not* include website audit capabilities. Just keep an eye out for this and make good product choices if performing website audits is a core need for you.

    Cloud-Based and Classic PC Applications

    Not surprisingly, most of the tools introduced above are cloud-based (SaaS delivery), and come with monthly or annualized payment plans. 

    SEO PowerSuite and Screaming Frog are exceptions and may be the better choice for many users who just want a solid suite of desktop SEO tools.

    This more classic application approach also eliminates the monthly capacity limits on things like the number of projects or domains tracked, page crawl limits for site audits, keywords and backlinks tracked, reporting data rows, etc.

    Good luck with your website audits and other SEO work. Feel free to hit me up in the comments section below with any thoughts, feedback, or related questions. 

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