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SEO Case Study – Travel Photography Website

Learn from an SEO Case Study with a Travel Photography Focus  


Dubrovnik, Croatia – Overlook from Upper Cable Car Station

Last Updated: Nov 12, 2020

An SEO and Content Marketing Challenge

Welcome to My Real-World SEO Case Study

I got this idea in mid September 2019, shortly after returning from a vacation in Europe with my wife. 

I do a lot of photography when I travel, so I now have a large bunch of new images from this latest trip to work with. Over the years, I’ve published travel photos on my small website dedicated to travel photography: David Kamm Photoworks

(I just call it ‘DKP’ for short.)

My photography site is definitely nothing fancy, and is very much a work in progress. It won’t win awards for travel photography websites any time soon. 

And, to be completely honest, I’ve neglected it too much over the past few years. I’ve just been busy with client work and other projects.

I also don’t currently monetize my travel photo website, aside from using the Fotomoto plugin to allow some e-commerce capabilities via print purchases, etc. I’ve handled a few print sales and licensing inquiries with this feature. 


website seo case study for travel photography

My SEO Case Study Subject

Still a Good Target for an SEO Experiment

But, I realized that the site is actually a great ‘sandbox’ for an SEO case study. It’s similar to many small business websites in several ways:

  • It’s built on WordPress, like many small/medium business websites.
  • It doesn’t get as much attention as it needs, in the form of fresh content updates, search optimization efforts, etc. Again, probably similar to too many business websites.
  • It probably has some technical deficiencies, which we’ll uncover using website audit tools.
  • It offers many areas for SEO improvements and content optimization for text, images, and possibly embedded video segments. The travel photography theme definitely boosts the emphasis on image SEO, which has become increasingly important even for general business websites.
  • This case study is also relevant to inbound marketing and content marketing, since SEO is generally a core tactic for those traffic generation efforts. 

So, since my iBeam Marketing work is increasingly SEO-focused these days, I wanted to find a way to combine my interests and expertise in SEO, travel photography, and website content marketing in a useful and educational way.

This SEO case study is that way. And I’m sharing it with anyone who wants to follow along.

Case Study and Website Goals

My goals for this project are to:

  • Identify a travel photography niche for which I can develop and rank website content using SEO techniques. This may include existing and/or completely new DKP website content. 
  • Rank on ‘page 1’ of Google for this travel destination / niche within a few months.
  • Grow overall site traffic, and build organic search traffic as a percent of overall traffic.
  • Share the entire process and results with anyone who wants to follow along. This includes tips and insights, techniques, tools, metrics, and anything else that aids the learning process. 

Learn with Me Along the Way

Follow and Learn

I cordially invite you to follow along with this ongoing SEO experiment. I’ll be detailing my steps and progress right here on my iBeam blog and also over at www.davidkammphotoworks.com.

I’ll also send regular updates via email. To join in, just hit the red button below and submit the signup form.

Why Follow This Case Study?

There are many great reasons for following along. Here are my main ones:

  • You will probably learn some very valuable things that you can apply to analyze and grow your own business or personal website, regardless of your industry sector. The tips, techniques, and insights here will be applicable far beyond the subject of travel photography. 
  • This is a real, live SEO case study. It won’t be a fabricated brief success story or other marketing BS designed to make something or someone look great or brilliant. You’ll see all the good, the bad, and the key insights that come with doing SEO for a small website in a competitive industry. 
  • You’ll learn what’s working for the target website, and what’s not, in terms of SEO ranking and organic traffic improvements.
  • You’ll see actual data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other good SEO tools used. We’ll look together at the key metrics that indicate SEO successes, failures, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Also, this case study content series is completely free. No subscription or membership fees, etc., are required to benefit from this content. 
  • And what the heck… if you like travel experiences, this will also give you a good excuse to learn more about some interesting travel destinations and see some decent travel photos. 

Who Should Follow Along?

  • Website owners and webmasters, especially those working on smallish websites. If you use WordPress, that’s also great but not really required.
  • Small – medium business owners in B2C or B2B segments. Non-profits are more than welcome, too.
  • Photographers and other visual arts practitioners who want to understand more about applying SEO techniques to their creative websites and online portfolios. Hobbyist and pro creatives are all welcome.
  • SEO practitioners who have clients that fit any of the attributes above.

What Comes Next?

First Steps First

The first steps in this study will be to select a specific niche within my travel photography experiences. Some destinations and themes will be *much* more competitive than others in terms of SEO opportunity.

I’ll also share the initial analytics – from Google Analytics and Google Search Console – for my DKP website. This will give us a baseline understanding of the site’s traffic history, and reference points for measuring progress.

Early on, I’ll also do a complete DKP website audit to look for technical SEO issues and fix any major problems identified.

We’ll use various tools to do initial SEO keyword research, discover destination-specific topics and themes for content creation, and move forward from there.

So, why not take a few seconds to sign up for email updates?

With a little luck, we are all in for a number of helpful insights, tips, and techniques that will help us all get better together at modern SEO to grow our website traffic and business results. 

SEO Case Study Duration

This live case study is open-ended in terms of duration. It will last for many months and may continue indefinitely, since SEO is ongoing in nature for any website where the site owner is serious about growing organic traffic.

The good news is that we won’t have to wait long to learn useful, actionable things. My goal is to uncover and share actionable insights with everyone at every step along this journey. 

Peering Cat on Old Rooftop – Naxos, Greece

Comments and Feedback

Please add any questions or feedback below. I’ll answer anything I can at this stage of the study.  

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing this learning opportunity with your social networks!


It’s gonna be fun.  🙂

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Follow Along with a Real-World SEO Project on a Travel Photography Website

Hello and thanks for your interest in my SEO Case Study!

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And you’ll see interesting travel photography and related content from some great destinations, too!