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SEO Rank Tracking Automation

Last updated Jul 10, 2023

Top Tools to Help Automate Your Keyword Rank Tracking & Reporting

Keyword rank tracking is core to the mission of many SEO tools. It’s the main focus for some vendors, or just one of several related SEO capabilities within a much broader platform.

Read on to learn how modern SEO rank tracking automation tools work, providing important actionable insights while saving SEO practitioners countless hours of repetitive labor in the process.

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    seo powersuite rank tracker
    SEO PowerSuite and similar tools offer advanced, automated rank tracking for small-business through enterprise-class SEO needs.

    This post contains a few referral links to vendor partners. We may receive compensation for purchases made via these links, at no additional cost to buyers.

    Save Time on Periodic SEO Rank Tracking Tasks

    Tools for Boosting SEO Productivity and Efficiency

    SEO practitioners, website content producers, inbound marketers, and webmasters in general understandably want to know how their site’s content is ranking on Google and other search engines.

    This may be for their own corporate website(s), and perhaps for SEO client websites as well.

    Unfortunately, trying to manually rank-check more than a handful of keywords / search queries is a real pain. And doing this for potentially multiple search engines and countries / local regions, on a repeating schedule, is just not practical at all.

    That’s why we turn to software tools like the ones I’ve included below. They all have SEO automation capabilities that make life far easier, especially for periodic rank tracking.

    Not surprisingly, tracking ranking positions for target keywords was an early feature priority along the historical timeline of SEO tools development.

    Typical SEO Software Rank Tracking Features

    The software tools highlighted below have many common capabilities in the area of rank tracking. These most often include:

    • Bulk rank checking of SEO project keywords
    • Manual rank checks (user-initiated)
    • Automated rank checks (per the system’s and/or user-specified frequency)
    • Checking for multiple search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, YouTube, etc.)
    • Country-level rank checks (and sometimes down to city or US ZIP code level)
    • Desktop and mobile search results (e.g., Google desktop vs mobile indexes)
    • SERP feature analysis (especially for Google… featured snippets, etc.)
    • Keyword tagging, groups, and filtering
    • Rank tracking trend analysis
    • Ranking distribution ‘buckets’ (keywords in different rank ranges)
    • Overall search engine ‘visibility scores’ or similar performance scoring
    • Landing pages found for ranking keywords
    • SEO competitor ranking analysis and comparisons
    • Automated alerts for important ranking changes
    • Automated rank check reporting for internal or client use
    • Customizable reporting (including ‘white label’ branding for some tools)

    The main differences between SEO tools vendors are often in how these capabilities are delivered, bundled, and priced. User interfaces differ greatly as well, of course. Some are better than others at simplifying the UX for SEO newbies and less technical users.

    Bulk rank checking speed / efficiency can also vary from one SEO software vendor to another. This factor may be especially important for SEO agencies with multiple clients and larger projects to update on a regular basis.

    Pay Attention to Cloud-Based Data Limits

    The cloud-based (SaaS) SEO tools will often impose data limits (number of keywords, rank checks allowed per day/week/month, number of active projects, reporting rows, etc.

    Naturally, the more you pay per month, the more generous the data limits will be. Data caps may even be removed altogether.

    Desktop / laptop SEO platforms, such as SEO PowerSuite below, do not impose these data limits. This is one of their most potent advantages vs all the ‘pure cloud based’ tools.

    Tip: Be sure to check pricing plans and feature tiers carefully for any data limits or rank checking frequency limitations that may cause an issue for you.

    Automating Bulk Rank Tracking

    Essentially all of the ‘complete’ SEO toolkits provide some levels of automation. This is especially true for rank tracking, which is otherwise a hugely labor-intensive chore for anything more than a few keywords or search queries.

    Modern keyword rank tracking tools make it easy to perform bulk rank tracking against a large number of keywords and multiple search engines and countries / regions. They also capture rank tracking history over time and provide useful reports to share with internal teams, SEO agency clients, etc.

    But, what about the actual automation of these periodic and often-repeated rank checking tasks? What do the various rank tracking tools provide that make life even easier and more time-efficient for SEO practitioners?

    That’s what the rest of this post is about. Let’s look at several vendors below, focusing more on the area of SEO rank tracking automation.

    Tools to Automate Keyword Rank Tracking

    Many Options for Bulk Automated Rank Tracking

    All major SEO tool platforms and software suites have keyword rank tracking capabilities built in. The 15+ vendors profiled below represent a good cross-section of what’s available.

    I’ll start with SEO PowerSuite. This is the tool I use the most for my own work, including client projects.

    SEO PowerSuite — Desktop SEO Tools with Rank Tracking

    seo powersuite applications
    Rank Tracker is the app within SEO PowerSuite for keyword rank monitoring

    SEO PowerSuite’s Rank Tracker application is the software I use regularly for checking ranking positions for hundreds of keywords at a time.

    Since it’s a standard ‘desktop’ software app, Rank Tracker supports unlimited projects, keywords, and on-demand rank checks. Unlike the cloud-based (SaaS) SEO tools, there are no data limits with SEO PowerSuite.

    Rank Tracker also has keyword groups, tags, and advanced filters that let me really zero in on just the topics I want to check for ranking positions.

    Rank Tracker Automation

    SEO PowerSuite provides task automation in all of its tools, and Rank Tracker is no exception. Automation capabilities in Rank Tracker include a Scheduled Tasks & Alerts configuration area with the following options:

    • Check search engine rankings
    • Update keyword PPC and SEO data
    • Update domain strength
    • Publish reports
    • Export data
    seo powersuite rank tracker task automation
    Task automation in SEO PowerSuite’s Rank Tracker application

    For scheduled rank checks, you can update multiple Rank Tracker projects all in one task. You can also target the update to only those keywords with specific tags.

    Specific automated alerts can also be configured in this area of SEO PowerSuite.

    Learn more about SEO PowerSuite here.

    A free-forever version is also available. It’s great for casual SEO users and to see if a paid version makes sense for you.

    seo powersuite rank tracker free software trial

    Mangools — Affordable SEO Keyword Rank Tracking

    mangools logo
    mangools seo tools include automated seo rank tracking

    Mangools is one of the more affordable SEO software suites available. It includes SERPWatcher to handle keyword rank tracking tasks and is also one of the more user-friendly full SEO suites.

    The Mangools’ SERPWatcher module offers a number of rank tracking automation features, including:

    • Automated daily rank updates
    • Event-based automated alerts for important rank changes
    • Automatic scheduled reporting for in-house teams and client

    See the full Mangools SERPWatcher feature set here.

    SerpWatch — Modern SEO Rank Tracking

    serpwatch logo - seo rank tracker

    SerpWatch is a rank tracking platform for corporate and agency users. This vendor really emphasizes the hands-off, automated features of their tool.

    SerpWatch automated rank tracking capabilities include:

    • Automated SEO campaign monitoring
    • Customizable automatic notifications for important keyword ranking changes
    • Rules-based notifications via Slack and/or email
    • Additional automated actions via Zapier support
    • Assignment of keyword ‘importance levels’
    • Competitor position tracking
    • Automated SERP feature tracking (Google featured snippets, etc.)
    • Automated branded client updates and notifications
    • Client portals (white label branding support)
    • Automated PDF reporting

    Clearly, SerpWatch takes a modern approach to rank tracking, with a strong emphasis on automating key tasks and streamlining the overall SEO workflow for in-house marketing teams and agency clients as well.

    They also have very affordable pricing entry points and a free 15-day trial.

    See the latest SerpWatch pricing here.

    Moz — Enterprise-Class SEO Rank Tracking

    moz logo

    As one of the most recognized premium SEO platforms available, Moz Pro offers a solid set of rank tracking capabilities.

    Moz Pro features automated bulk rank tracking, including trend analysis over time, desktop vs mobile index visibility, competitor ranking comparisons, and automated rank tracking reporting.

    In addition, Moz STAT offers daily rank tracking for large-scale enterprise rank tracking and rank change analysis.

    For more topics specific to Moz’s automation capabilities, see this Moz search page. There are several helpful articles here related to rank tracking automation, SEO reporting automation, etc.

    Semrush — Automated Rank Tracking & SERP Tracking

    semrush logo

    Semrush offers an amazingly broad suite of 50+ digital marketing tools that include SEO as a central focus, plus much more as well.

    For SEO users, Semrush of course includes powerful rank tracking features. Many of these are automated by default, or can be automated per user settings.

    Most relevant to rank tracking, Semrush provides the following:

    Also, see this blog post about Semrush’s broader SEO automation capabilities. This covers more than just the rank tracking component.

    Learn more about automated competitor monitoring and reporting with Semrush. This includes competitive rank tracking comparisons and much more.

    Semrush also has a Monthly Competitor Analysis report template that provides a good starting point. It can be customized as needed and is just one of many ready-to-use reporting templates provided by Semrush.

    Find it in the Semrush My Reports dashboard. Semrush SEO reports also include branded reporting options.

    Nightwatch — Local SEO Rank Tracking Specialist

    nightwatch logo - local seo tracker

    Nightwatch is a specialist in local SEO for businesses of all sizes and growth stages. They focus directly on providing accurate rank tracking for precise locations, down to the ZIP code level.

    They cover over 107,000 locations worldwide, in fact. This is over 50k more locations than other competitors cover.

    Nightwatch automation capabilities include:

    Nightwatch handles more SEO tasks than just rank tracking.

    Learn more about the complete Nightwatch suite of tools here.

    Rank Ranger — SEO Suite with Automated Rank Tracking

    rankranger logo - seo rank tracking tools

    RankRanger is an all-in-one SEO suite that bundles several useful SEO tools along with interesting customization options.

    Of course, automated rank tracking is one of RankRanger’s core capabilities.

    RankRanger’s automated position tracking includes:

    • Automatic daily, weekly, and monthly tracking updates
    • Rank trend analysis and automated email alerts
    • Site visibility monitoring
    • Tracking landing page changes
    • Desktop vs mobile rank tracking
    • Detailed local rank tracking
    • Automated SERP competition analysis
    • Scheduled PDF reports
    • White-label reporting options

    RankRanger also provides more than robust SEO rank tracking.

    Learn more about their full SEO tools suite and social analytics capabilities here.

    Ahrefs — Premium SEO Toolkit with Rank Tracking

    ahrefs seo tools logo

    One of the most popular and premium SEO software suites available, Ahrefs includes a comprehensive rank tracker tool that covers all the SEO position tracking essentials, plus more.

    For rank tracking automation, Ahrefs features:

    • Automatic updates of ranking data (but only weekly on the entry-level plan)
    • Grouping into ‘position distribution ranges’ (positions 1-3, 4-10, 11-50, 51-100)
    • SERP feature analysis and features gained and lost
    • Competitive comparisons
    • Automatic reporting updates

    Also, see this Ahrefs post on selecting the right rank tracking tool.

    And this one to simplify SEO automation with these Ahrefs SEO report templates.

    The Ahrefs SEO toolkit goes far beyond rank tracking.

    Check out the full suite of Ahrefs capabilities here.

    SheerSEO — Affordable Rank Tracking and More

    sheerseo logo - seo software

    SheerSEO is an affordable SEO toolkit for smaller budgets, especially for lower numbers of tracked keywords. They even offer a completely free plan for up to 20 tracked keywords.

    For rank tracking and reporting automation, SheerSEO offers:

    • Weekly automated rank tracking updates, with options for upgrading to daily
    • Manual rank checks (available at Advanced and Pro levels)
    • Ranking history
    • SERP analysis
    • Competitor analysis (Pro level)
    • Automatic email reports (PDF or CSV)

    SheerSEO offers a broad range of SEO tools at attractive entry pricing. It’s worth a look for companies and SEO agencies on a tighter budget, and/or those who are looking for affordable alternatives to the established premium SEO tools vendors.

    Visit SheerSEO here.

    Ranktracker — Another Affordable SEO Rank Tracker

    ranktracker logo - automated rank tracking and more

    Ranktracker is another SEO toolkit with low entry pricing but an impressive set of base features.

    Ranktracker’s automation features include:

    • Daily rank tracking (even at the entry pricing tier)
    • Automatic scheduled report delivery

    Plus all their other bundled services for day-to-day SEO tasks.

    Ranktracker correctly claims that when it comes specifically to rank tracking and related reporting tasks, some of the bigger SEO vendors may fall a little short, especially given their premium pricing.

    For more on this, see Ranktracker’s comparison vs Ahrefs, specifically for rank tracking tasks. Their post includes other Ahrefs alternatives as well.

    Learn more about the full suite of Ranktracker SEO tools here.

    Serpstat — Automated Rank Tracking & Other SEM Tools

    serpstat banner

    With 30+ tools for SEO and PPC tasks, Serpstat is positioned as an all-in-one SEO platform. It naturally includes robust automated rank tracking features as well.

    For SEO automation purposes, the Serpstat rank tracking tool provides:

    • Automated rank tracking updates
    • Automated daily, weekly, or monthly reports
    • Competitor analysis
    • White-label and branded scheduled reporting options

    The Serpstat toolkit covers much more than rank tracking.

    Learn about their full complement of SEO and PPC tools here.

    RankWatch — Rank Tracking & Other Task Automation

    rankwatch logo seo rank tracking

    RankWatch is an SEO tools suite that focuses on streamlining the SEO workflow through smarter task automation. This includes rank tracking and other primary SEO activities.

    The RankWatch Rank Tracker module covers all of the essentials of a modern SEO rank tracking tool. Its automation features include:

    • Daily or weekly rank check updates (or customized frequency if needed)
    • Automated SERP screenshots
    • Automatic ranking change alerts via email
    • Automated reports, including white-label and branded options

    RankWatch also supports manual re-runs of rank checking, for times when the preset schedule may not be soon enough.

    Beyond rank tracking, RankWatch provides other core SEO tools as well.

    Entry pricing is attractive, making RankWatch one of the more budget-friendly, affordable SEO software platforms available.

    Visit RankWatch here.

    SE Ranking — Automated Rank Tracker & Flexible Pricing

    se ranking logo automated rank tracking tool

    SE Ranking provides many of the expected tools in its complete SEO toolkit but is especially interesting because its overall pricing is based in part on the automated rank tracking frequency you select.

    For example, you’ll get an extra 20% off for reducing the rank tracking frequency from daily to every three days. Or 40% off for moving from daily to weekly tracking.

    SE Ranking’s pricing is quite customizable. Learn more here and also try their Pricing Plan Calculator.

    SE Ranking goes far beyond just rank tracking tools. See their full set of SEO tools here. (Tip: They even have tools for social media management and analytics.)

    Also, see their post on 22 questions to ask before buying an SEO rank tracking tool.

    Visit SE Ranking here.

    Other SEO Rank Tracking Software Options

    Other SEO Rank Tracking Tools to Consider

    The set of rank tracking tools introduced above is a good sampling of the tools available today, but there are of course others as well.

    The SEO tools below are also worth noting for their rank tracking capabilities. Like many of the tools outlined above, some of these are full SEO toolkits that have rank tracking as just one of several product features.


    Claiming to be the world’s fastest and most accurate keyword rank tracker, AccuRanker is focused on providing in-depth position tracking and analysis with daily and rapid on-demand rank checks.

    AccuRanker isn’t an all-in-one SEO suite like some other tools, but if your needs are centered on pure rank tracking, be sure to take a closer look at AccuRanker.


    Smaller and simpler than the do-everything SEO tool suites, Keyword.com includes automated keyword rank tracking, analysis, and reporting as core features. It has attractive entry pricing, so it’s a good option to review for lower-budget SEO rank tracking needs.

    Raven Tools

    Raven Tools offers a collection of tools aimed at SEO and SEM professionals. For rank tracking, Raven Tools allows users to customize the rank check frequency and pay based on ‘rank position checks’ (RPCs) used per month.

    Raven Tools is also known for its flexible, custom marketing reporting capabilities. If you need strong SEO tools combined with solid reporting automation, Raven Tools is one to look at.


    WebCEO is one of the long-timers in the SEO tools industry, going back to the early 2000s and evolving steadily forward since then.

    WebCEO now offers ~ 23 online SEO tools, all under one roof.

    For ranking performance analysis, WebCEO provides automated, bulk rank checking that can reach over 370 search engine locations, down to city and ZIP code levels.

    Automated rank tracking scan frequency is weekly for the starter plan, with more rank tracking timing flexibility (including manual scans) for higher-priced plans.

    WebCEO has impressive automated SEO reporting capabilities, including custom branding options. Their Agency Unlimited plan is especially good for SEO agencies serving multiple clients.

    You can download a sample WebCEO ranking report in PDF format here.

    SEO Rank Tracking Automation — Final Thoughts

    Wide Range of Options and Price Points for Automated Rank Tracking Tools

    The great news for customers of SEO tools is that advanced rank tracking is at the core of most SEO solutions today. It is arguably the most important of the many automated SEO tasks available.

    Sometimes it’s the main or even only thrust of a particular vendor. In other cases, the rank tracking component is part of a broader SEO or digital marketing platform.

    Automation is fundamental and essential to SEO rank tracking. Essentially all of the vendors profiled above go beyond automatic bulk rank checking and also automate things like email alerts for important rank changes and periodic scheduled reports.

    All of this helps SEO practitioners save tremendous amounts of time, freeing them to act on the insights gained to boost organic traffic and conversions for their own company websites as well as client sites.

    Questions or Comments?

    I hope this overview of SEO keyword rank tracking automation has been helpful.

    How often do you perform SEO rank checks for your important target keywords?

    Is your rank tracking fully automated or do you prefer doing manual rank checks on demand?

    Do you get automated alerts when key ranking positions change?

    Which tools do you prefer for keyword rank tracking?

    Feel free to add your own insights in the comments below with any thoughts, feedback, or related questions. Thanks also for any social shares on this post via the buttons below!

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