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SEO Software Tools Price Comparison Table

Last updated Sep 20, 2021

How Much Do Popular SEO Tools Cost? Compare Some of the Best SEO Software Options Here.

SEO software comes in many shapes, sizes, and price points, ranging from free to rather expensive on a monthly cost basis.

What is easily affordable for a multi-person enterprise SEO team or large SEO agency may be quite out of reach for a small business with basic SEO needs for a single website, or a solo SEO consultant with a few clients.

The SEO software pricing comparison below will give you a good idea for the range of options available to you. I’ll also cover some of the important differences to keep in mind when considering purchasing paid SEO tools.

SEO software tools concept image
SEO software tools cover a wide range of needs. This post summarizes and compares pricing of several of today’s most popular SEO tools.

Comparing SEO Tools Pricing

A Cross-Section of SEO Tools and Price Points

The table below captures pricing details for 12+ marketing software vendors who offer SEO tools of various types. Many of these tools are ‘full-suite’ SEO software platforms, while others are focused on specific SEO tasks.

Most are cloud-based solutions (SaaS products), while a couple are desktop-based, which still offers important advantages even in the age of online-only apps.  

Also see the discussion areas below the table for more description and context.

SEO Software Tools Pricing Comparison

Vendor (Product)Monthly CostPricing TiersFree Trial?More Info
Ahrefs$82 to $832+4Almost Free – 7 days for $7Ahrefs Pricing
Keywords Everywhere$10 to $1000+ (see notes below)6Yes – but limitedKeywords Everywhere Credits
Majestic$42 to $333+3Yes – TBDMajestic Pricing
Mangools$30 to $80+3Yes – 10 daysMangools Pricing
Moz (Pro)$79 to $479+4Yes – 30 daysMoz Pro Pricing
Raven Tools$39 to $399+5Yes – 7 daysRaven Tools Pricing
RyteNot Listed3Yes – TBDRyte Pricing
Screaming Frog (SEO Spider)$0 to ~ $13+2Free Desktop VersionScreaming Frog Pricing
SEMrush$100 to $375+3Yes – TBDSEMrush Pricing
Serpstat$55 to 3994Yes – TBDSerpstat Pricing
SEO PowerSuite$25 to $58+3Free Desktop VersionSEO Powersuite Pricing
SpyFu$33 to $68+3No – but 30-day money back guaranteeSpyFu Pricing
Ubersuggest$29 to $99+3Yes – 7 daysUbersuggest Pricing
Popular SEO Software Tools – Price Comparison
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Important Similarities and Differences

As I mentioned above, most of these tools are full-suite, full-coverage SEO platforms that address virtually every activity of modern SEO work. Features of these solutions typically include:

Several of the tools above are introduced further in this post on affordable SEO tools.

Some of the tools in the table are more focused on specific areas, by design.

For example, Keywords Everywhere is focused on keyword research and uses a system of paid credits to provide keyword metrics. You pay for batches of usage credits instead of paying a monthly subscription fee.

Screaming Frog is a desktop based website crawler (SEO spider) that comes in two flavors: free and paid. It’s highly regarded as a website SEO audit tool, but is not designed to cover the other aspects of SEO.

Cloud-Based vs Desktop SEO Apps

Two of the solutions above are primarily or exclusively desktop-based: Screaming Frog and SEO PowerSuite.

SEO PowerSuite is actually now more like a hybrid ‘desktop plus cloud’ SEO platform.

Its tools leverage local desktop processing power and storage to remove data limits and help keep their cloud infrastructure costs in check. It then adds cloud-based features that make sense.

SEO PowerSuite cloud features include ‘server-side’ (cloud-based) rank checking, which speeds up rank checking while shielding the IP address of the user’s PC from Google, Bing, etc.

(This means no annoying Captchas to solve when Google thinks your automated rank checking queries may be from a bot.)

They also now have a cloud-based backlink checker here. It’s free to try and is a good intro to their SEO SpyGlass backlink profile analysis features. 

Check SaaS SEO Tools for Data and Usage Limits

For any of the SaaS-based SEO platforms, be sure to check the pricing tier details for data and/or usage limits.

Here’s an example from SEMrush. The limits on projects and keywords increase across the three pricing tiers. Other SaaS SEO tools have similar data limits.

semrush pricing comparison
SEMrush and other SaaS-based SEO software tools have data and usage limits set at their different subscription pricing tiers.

Usage restrictions will usually come in the form of limits on the number of:

  • User logins
  • Active SEO projects allowed
  • Keywords tracked
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Backlinks discovered
  • Reports per day
  • Keyword reports per month
  • Target search locations
  • Pages crawled for website audits
  • Competitors tracked
  • Scheduled SEO reports
  • Etc.

To avoid surprises, just be sure to buy into the pricing tier that covers what you need now and in the near future. Also check to make sure you can upgrade or downgrade your plan without hassle, unexpected delays, or extra one-time fees.

The Desktop Plus Cloud Advantage

SEO PowerSuite also allows storing projects in your SEO PowerSuite Cloud account, syncing settings between the PowerSuite applications, and leveraging the cloud for SEO reporting tasks.

In my opinion, SEO PowerSuite offers a good balance of using both local PC and cloud infrastructure. It also helps keep SEO PowerSuite’s pricing at the lower end of the cost spectrum compared to many of the premium cloud-only SEO tools.  

Big Bonus: The desktop nature of SEO PowerSuite also means you can have unlimited SEO projects, unlimited keywords, etc. Everything is stored locally on your machine, at least initially, so there’s no real advantage for the vendor to impose data limits.

Here’s an example from the SEO PowerSuite editions and pricing page.

seo powersuite editions comparison
As a desktop set of tools, SEO PowerSuite offers unlimited number of websites, keywords, and other areas important for SEO analysis.

SEO PowerSuite and other desktop apps simply do not have the cloud infrastructure cost limitations that the cloud-only tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush have. This means you won’t have unexpected add-on costs due to needing more keyword checks, reporting rows, and other SEO data-driven cost drivers.  

Trials and Free Versions

As with most freemium SaaS software, the cloud-based vendors in the comparison table offer free trials of varying lengths, but typically at least 7 days.

Some are up-front about the trial duration, while a few want you to register first before all details are revealed. (There’s always a hook somewhere, right?)

I’d say that a 7-day trial is really a bare minimum for a full-suite SEO platform. 14 days is much better. Moz Pro is more reasonable and generous with a 30-day trial period.

SpyFu doesn’t really offer a free trial period up front, but does come with a 30-day no-hassle money-back guarantee. 

The Free Forever Advantage

Screaming Frog and SEO PowerSuite both offer ‘free forever’ versions of their tools, rather than a time-limited trial period. That’s a strong advantage for the desktop-based vendors, even though their free versions are feature-limited vs the paid editions. 

With these options, you can at least take more time getting to know the software features and capabilities while deciding if a paid level makes sense for you.

Note that with SEO PowerSuite, you can’t actually save an SEO project with the free version. It’s really best for evaluating features and then deciding if you want to move up to the Pro or Enterprise editions via paid licenses. 

seo powersuite free download version

Related: Also learn how SEO PowerSuite analyzes organic search competitors and see this SEO competitor analysis checklist.

SEO Software Pricing Comparison- Summary

SEO Tools for All Budget Levels

The cost comparison table above is just a sampling of the SEO software that’s available today, but it’s very representative of the price ranges out there.

Some of the tools in the SEO industry are completely free, like the various SEO vendor browser extensions.

Most vendors have the typical tiered pricing structure with a starter level at the lower end of the price range, up through enterprise SEO or agency team solutions and even customized packages at the upper end.

If you’re working in SEO and feel the need to move beyond all the free options, one or more of these tools may be worth a close look and trial evaluation.

Questions or Comments?

What SEO tool or set of tools do you currently use?

What do you see as the pros and cons of your approach?

Which SEO software tools have been a big help for you? And which ones have turned out to be less helpful and not worth the money and time invested? 

Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments area below. I also appreciate your quick article rating feedback in the yellow box below.

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