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Industry Vertical Marketing

Every industry vertical is unique, with specific products and services, terminology, sales and marketing channels, trade media, etc.

But at a higher level, many industry vertical markets share common marketing challenges related to developing an overall strategy, creating awareness and demand, communications, positioning, and differentiation.

Industry Vertical Marketing Experience

Through iBeam projects and elsewhere, I’ve worked in many B2B, B2C, and B2G industry verticals over the years, including:

– Healthcare business consulting

– Specialty medical services

– Consumer services

– B2B and B2C Ecommerce

– Healthcare information security

– Customer experience analytics

– Electric vehicle / motive power applications

– Automotive customer experience / customer journey mapping (CJM)

– Automotive digital sales channels

– Insurance ecosystem software (SaaS)

– Law enforcement software and security solutions

– Digital analytics for marketing agency clients

– Multimedia creative agencies

– Traditional manufacturing

– Defense and military manufacturing

– Non-profit corporations

– Cloud-based application and information security services (SaaS)

– Critical infrastructure protection / cybersecurity

– Networking and telecom infrastructure

B2B Industry Vertical Marketing

Getting deeper into a specific industry vertical is one of the fun and interesting aspects of marketing. This is especially true in the world of B2B industry vertical marketing.

If you’re in any of the B2B industry verticals mentioned above, or perhaps some other B2B segment, let’s talk about your specific marketing challenges. 

b2b marketing concept

B2B Website Lead Generation Resources

If B2B lead generation is a primary focus for you and you want to learn more about how to use your company website to find leads for your sales team, be sure to check out this post on website visitor tracking software, and also this post on how Google Analytics can help with website-based lead generation

This blog post category archive on website visitor tracking topics and tools may also be helpful.

B2B Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Support

Account-based marketing, or just ABM for short, is a favored marketing and sales strategy in B2B industries today.

Learn more here about how ABM is enabled by B2B website visitor tracking tools.

For a vendor-specific example, also see how Leadfeeder supports ABM to help B2B businesses grow

Leadfeeder is a highly regarded vendor of B2B website lead generation and ABM tools.

See their free trial offer below.

leadfeeder free trial promotion
Note: iBeam is an affiliate partner of Leadfeeder.

B2B Marketing Whitepaper Offer

A good, convincing customer success story or case study is a powerful tool in the B2B sales and marketing toolbox. Click the image below to reach a page where you can get a free marketing whitepaper on the topic of writing B2B customer case studies

It’s an immediate PDF download from there — no email registration required. 

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