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Digital Marketing Services

Marketing Consulting for Business Success 

iBeam provides digital marketing consulting services to small and mid-sized organizations in need of professional-grade outside marketing support.

Through iBeam, David delivers a blend of analytical and creative skills that combine to help businesses grow and thrive. 

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A Digital Marketing Consulting Focus

At iBeam, my primary focus is on the ‘digital inbound’ aspects of modern marketing: website optimization and web analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), and quality content for websites, blogs, etc.

Some of this is often called content marketing and/or inbound marketing. 

And many elements definitely qualify as online marketing and internet marketing.

Of course, there’s often a social media marketing element to this as well.

But whatever we call it, it’s all about helping your target customers discover you, trust you, and choose to do business with you instead of your competition. 

Much of my marketing consulting client work today includes a significant ongoing digital analytics component to enable marketing measurement as well as content and marketing campaign performance improvements. 

I also offer customized Google Analytics consulting for any clients who want extra help here.

Digital Marketing Services Highlights

iBeam’s digital marketing consulting services include:

Marketing Promotion and Demand Generation

Website Optimization and Support

(See WordPress Website Services for more details.)

Other Marketing Communications

Marketing Performance and ROI Measurement

  • Identifying, implementing, and tracking core marketing performance metrics
  • Website performance analysis via Google Analytics and other tools
  • E-commerce performance analysis and tracking
  • Customized performance dashboards and reports

Marketing Agency Support

  • Liaison and coordination with external marketing agencies
    • Graphic designers
    • Website designers
    • Digital agencies
    • Other marketing/consulting resources
  • Marketing project management support
  • Assisting marketing agencies with analytics and SEO needs

Blog Highlights

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