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SEO Services Summary

See the discussion further below for more details, but here are the main SEO services available from David Kamm / iBeam.

Why Hire an SEO Consultant?

Your website serves as the main marketing and communications hub for your business or organization. It’s a primary marketing component for convincing potential customers to engage further and do business with you.

For many websites, the visitor traffic driven by organic search engine activity is simply the highest quality ‘non-direct’ traffic they receive. We can easily see this in web analytics, e.g., Google Analytics reporting for the site.

Use SEO to Drive Website Traffic, Demand, and Authority

Organic traffic from Google and other search engines often beats other traffic sources in terms of website traffic volume and engagement factors, including conversion metrics such as email signups, contact forms submitted, and telephone inquiries. 

SEO often beats pay-per-click (PPC) ads, social media marketing, email marketing, and other digital advertising channels for overall marketing ROI. 

SEO is also an integral part of establishing your firm as a visible authority on important product and service solution topics. 

SEO marketing can build your website traffic, authority, lead flow, and revenues. 

A good SEO consultant can be a major help.

As a hands-on SEO practitioner, I provide a range of SEO consulting services outlined below.

Website SEO Audits

I use powerful tools, including Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and other professional SEO software to analyze the overall health of websites and their status in the eyes of search engines. 

iBeam website SEO audits include important factors such as website structure, mobile usability, page loading speeds, and other technical factors that impact SEO. 

seo powersuite website auditor
Technical SEO website audit tools and analysis

Related: For doing your own audit work, see this post covering several popular paid SEO audit tools options.

On-Page SEO and Keyword Analysis

This includes any or all of the following:

  • Analyzing specific website content (pages or posts) for potential SEO improvements.
  • Reviewing content structure, quality, and readability.
  • Reviewing target keyword combinations to determine how your pages perform for specific searches. Rank tracking and keyword research also often reveal new opportunities for keywords that drive decent search volumes but still have lower search competition.
  • Advanced keyword analysis, including Keyword Golden Ratio assessments for faster ranking opportunities, and competitor keyword gap analysis. 
seo powersuite rank tracker
SEO keyword research and rank tracking tools

I use SEO PowerSuite for project organization, keyword and competition analysis, site audits, and content analysis. It’s a good suite of SEO tools if you want to try it out yourself.

seo powersuite applications
SEO PowerSuite applications
seo powersuite free trial
Note: iBeam is an affiliate partner for SEO PowerSuite.

Backlink Profile Analysis

The number and quality of your website’s backlinks (incoming links from other web properties) are important for SEO purposes.

They help search engines score the quality and authority of your website content, and are therefore important ranking factors for SEO. 

I use tools to build a backlink profile and assess the quality of those incoming links. This analysis may even find some low-quality backlinks that should either be removed or disavowed.

It’s also possible to analyze backlinks for your key competitors to assess where you stand vs. competition and where you may be able to gain some relatively easy backlinks.  

seo spyglass backlinks report
Sample backlink analysis with the SEO SpyGlass tool from SEO PowerSuite.

WordPress SEO Consulting

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) and has good SEO features when configured properly. There are also good plugins to make WordPress SEO even easier.

First among these is the Yoast SEO plugin

I use Yoast and recommend it for my clients’ WordPress websites. I will help you configure your WordPress + Yoast environment for SEO performance. This includes using the plugin’s features on a per-page and per-post level for immediate on-page SEO improvements.   

Here’s an example of Yoast’s on-page SEO analysis.

yoast content analysis example
On-page SEO analysis from the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. Source: Yoast

SEO Content Updates

In-house marketing resources are often fairly good at writing new content, when they have the time to get to it. They may even have outside agency or freelance writers helping them.

But what’s often missed is the opportunity to write with both the human reader and search engine optimization performance in mind. Fortunately, it’s possible to do both without sacrificing readability or resorting to gimmicks.

That’s where I can help.

I’ll review your existing content and then improve it for SEO performance. And I’ll do this with a light touch, never forgetting that the human reader, not a search engine robot, is always our most important audience. 

New Content Development

SEO consulting and content development truly go hand-in-hand. iBeam’s SEO content planning services help clients strategize and develop entirely new content that impresses customers and prospects while also boosting organic search rankings and incoming traffic. 

From website pages, articles, and blog posts, to white papers, case studies, and e-books, we can work together to develop and promote new, high-value content that improves your search engine rankings and domain authority.  

We can also consider the advantages and disadvantages of using AI content writing tools, including some of the better AI writing tools for long-form content that may work well for you. 

Benefits for Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Improved and new website content is of course highly useful for on-page SEO improvements and inbound marketing.

It can also be great for your outbound sales efforts as well.

For example, a piece of high-authority content can easily be dual-purposed in B2B marketing. It can serve as a convincing piece of marketing collateral for your outside sales team, while also boosting your on-page SEO value and website authority.

It’s a win-win for both inbound and outbound marketing. These benefits can be multiplied further if you’re also able to use the marketing content for public relations / PR outreach, social media marketing, and email marketing campaigns.   

B2B Lead Generation Tip: To amplify your SEO efforts and B2B inbound marketing even further, consider using software tools that help turn website visitor traffic into actionable sales leads.

Learn more about using Google Analytics for B2B lead generation also.

Featured Solutions — Drive More B2B Sales Leads from Your SEO Efforts

The three vendors highlighted below offer proven solutions for B2B website visitor tracking and lead generation. 

They can be a great addition to SEO and inbound marketing traffic generation strategies, especially for firms with proactive outbound B2B sales teams. 

Grab a free trial today and see how they can help you drive more sales leads and new closed deals from your anonymous website traffic.

Disclosure: iBeam has affiliate relationships with these vendors.

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Link Building (Off-Page SEO)

Having high-quality content on your website is the base requirement for earning links from other high-quality and high-authority websites. As mentioned above, building an impressive backlink profile over time is the part of search engine optimization known as ‘off-page’ SEO.

I can use professional SEO tools to assess your website’s current backlink profile and identify quality targets for backlink requests and placements. With time and effort, off-page SEO can complement on-page SEO content improvements and boost your organic search rankings.  

Earned Media Placements

As part of link-building research and outreach, we can also look for legitimate industry media sites that may be interested in publishing or referencing your content.

Placements within high authority 3rd-party sites give you exposure to an expanded audience and build your brand and inbound website traffic. They can also result in high-quality backlinks that further help your backlink profile and SEO. 

Social media marketing can also play an important role here by exposing your content and brand to a wide audience, earning you further recognition by high-authority influencers.

‘White Hat’ SEO Consulting

I don’t use SEO tricks and gimmicks (known as ‘Black Hat’ SEO tactics) that can result in short-term search ranking improvements but then backfire, causing dramatic website visibility (ranking) problems due to Google penalties and search algorithm updates. 
My SEO consulting is all about using legitimate, White Hat SEO techniques and tactics to help drive more visitor traffic to your website. 

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