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WordPress Support - Contents

I work with iBeam clients’ and other WordPress websites all the time and can develop, upgrade, update, and support your site too. 

(I built this website… the one you’re on right now… from scratch, learning WordPress one step at a time.)

I provide any or all of the following WordPress consulting services with a scope of work that we’ll tailor together to your specific needs. 

Website Project Management

I can oversee an entire WordPress website project for you or just the parts that need outside support as an extension of your team. If you are pressed for project management time or resources but still need to keep your WordPress website project moving forward, I can help.

WordPress CMS Installation

I will install the latest WordPress software at your current web hosting provider or help you select a new provider and install it there. For existing WordPress sites, I’ll make sure you have the latest core and plugin files installed, for maximum security and functionality.

Overall Website Design and Development

Based on your design direction and preferences, I’ll identify a customizable, premium WordPress theme that fits your needs. It will be ‘mobile-responsive’, meaning the site will perform and display beautifully across a range of devices and screen sizes, from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones. 

I will also structure a sitemap for your approval and then map existing or brand new content to the new website.

WordPress SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Includes performing SEO keyword research and a wide range of WordPress SEO services to help your website reach higher organic rankings with Google and other search engines. 

(Related topic: Read more about the importance of content planning with keyword research.)

WordPress Content Development

Launching a new or refreshed website offers a great opportunity to rethink and update the content on the site. I can rewrite older, stale content and develop completely new content assets for your site. 

Need more compelling photography for your new site? I can help with that too.

Website Lead Generation

Does your current website look good visually but contribute little in the way of actual new lead generation?

If so, you really only have what is called a ‘brochure website’… a pretty website that’s basically just an online version of a traditional printed marketing brochure.

I can help upgrade your WordPress website into one that isn’t just another pretty face. Your improved website will perform lead-generation duties as well. 

This work combines concepts of website SEO, landing pages, sales funnels, value-added content, email opt-ins, and conversion rate optimization (CRO) to make your website work hard for you as a marketing machine and company asset. 

Best of all, we can usually accomplish this together without having to do a complete website overhaul. 

And for B2B websites supporting direct sales teams, I can also research and recommend website visitor tracking software options that best suit your B2B lead-generation needs. 

Updating Older Websites

Many older websites do not utilize modern content management systems such as the WordPress CMS. This makes them harder to maintain and improve as time marches on. I’ll fix that by moving your old website content over to WordPress and adding proper redirects from old site pages once the new site is launched.

This includes migrating sites from ‘DIY’ website builders such as Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and WordPress.com as well. Sometimes you reach a point where these platforms no longer work well for you. I can help you move to a self-hosted WordPress website when you’ve outgrown the functional limitations of these other website builder platforms.  

Website Analytics Setup and Configuration

I verify and fix Google Analytics installations and configurations for virtually all of iBeam’s website clients. I want you to have a highly measurable marketing presence and good website analytics is a big part of that. 

I make sure your website analytics setup is right… and right from the start. We have many great options for adding visitor stats and analytics to WordPress. This can mean Google Analytics and non-GA options as well. 

We can also add analytics dashboards and on-page event tracking tools

I will also set up Google Search Console for your site and connect it to Google Analytics. You’ll have this ‘dynamic duo’ of free Google website analytics tools in place from the beginning.

Website Analytics Reporting

I can provide customized website visitor metrics reporting and analysis for you. Training your team members to become Google Analytics and Google Search Console experts is also an option.

WordPress Functional Add-Ons

The WordPress CMS ecosystem offers an endless array of plugins that enable a wide range of site functionality. I’ll make recommendations on what to use and then will implement and maintain these added features.

WordPress Speed Improvements

Nobody likes a slow-loading website. This hurts SEO rankings and negatively impacts user experience as well. I can test your site speed and make adjustments and improvements to keep your site loading fast and performing well.

WordPress Security

Includes installing WordPress security plugins that boost your site’s security defenses against malware and site hackers. There are several options here and I can help select the best set of protections for your needs.

WordPress Maintenance and Updates

This includes keeping your WordPress core, theme, and plugin files all up to date on a regular basis. I also make sure you have a site backup plan in place and working well.

WordPress CMS Training

I will train your staff in the day-to-day administration of your new or upgraded WordPress website so you’ll be prepared to make future updates as needed.

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