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Estimating Target Audience Size in B2B Marketing

Image - Estimating B2B Market Audience Size

When thinking about a B2B target market segment for any particular solution, it’s obviously important to consider the size of the total (human) population the company needs to reach, at least as a rough estimate for framing the discussion about coverage and outreach efforts.

The diagram below provides one way to visualize this.

Target Accounts:  The darker blue dots in the smaller circle at bottom represent the individual accounts the B2B vendor should be targeting with its solution.  These can be company headquarters, geographically distributed divisions of companies, etc.  They are basically any entity or ‘purchasing unit’ that can make an independent buying decision for your solution category, place orders, pay vendor invoices, etc.  Estimates for this number should be available from your company’s market segment research and market sizing work.  

In the business-to-business world, this number can range from literally a handful of accounts, to hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands or even more.       

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