Visitor Queue Demo Video, Customer Reviews, and Competitors

Product Overview and Testimonial Videos, Plus Alternatives to Consider

This post features a very helpful video demonstration of Visitor Queue’s software for website visitor tracking and anonymous visitor identification. 

Includes Visitor Queue product and customer reviews, plus other software alternatives for B2B lead generation based on website visitor traffic.


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Last Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Article Contents

Visitor Queue Introduction

B2B Website-Based Lead Generation Tool from Canada

Visitor Queue is one of the Canadian competitors in the software segment focused on anonymous website visitor tracking and identification tools.

Based in London, Ontario, Canada, Visitor Queue has an interesting origin story and now serves B2B sales and marketing teams in Canada, the US, and worldwide.

See this video for a quick animated overview of the Visitor Queue solution.

Visitor Queue Intro Video

Disclosure: I’m an affiliate partner for Visitor Queue and some other software vendors mentioned below. I may receive compensation for software purchases made after clicking vendor links within this post. Just wanted you to know that. Thanks for your support!

Visitor Queue Reviews and Demos on YouTube

While researching Visitor Queue video content available online, I mostly ran across vendor-produced videos, plus a few customer testimonials and product reviews that offer additional insights and value for prospective users of this software. 

Visitor Queue has their own YouTube channel, with about 20 videos as of mid April 2020.

I’ve collected the best material below and added further discussion and insights that I thought would be helpful for potential Visitor Queue customers.

Visitor Queue Software Demo

Visitor Queue Product Overview 

This vendor-produced video demonstration (June 2019) does a great job of describing how Visitor Queue works.

If you’re already familiar with common Google Analytics metrics and dimensions, you’ll see references to several of them in the Visitor Queue user interface. 

It’s a good reminder and example of how tools like Visitor Queue can build directly off of Google Analytics data and provide additional functionality that’s directly targeted at B2B sales roles.   

Key points and video time markers include:

  • Starting a free trial    (0:23)
  • Highlights of the main user dashboard    (0:55)
  • Setting up custom lead queues    (1:38)
  • Reviewing lead information    (3:36)
  • Lead management / workflow options    (4:00)
  • Specific lead drill-down features    (4:23)
  • Visiting company firmographic details    (4:55)
  • Company contact details (individual level)    (5:08)
  • LinkedIn contact data    (5:25)
  • Settings overview    (6:08)
  • Filtering options (account / user / contact)    (6:11)
  • Lead assignments    (8:04)
  • Lead notifications for companies visiting your website    (8:40)
  • Google Analytics account settings    (9:08)
  • Hiding selected companies    (9:18)
  • Integrations with other apps and tools    (9:43)
  • Pricing tiers and payment setup    (9:52)

This video walks through all the major features of Visitor Queue. 

If you only want to watch one Visitor Queue demonstration, this is the one.

Visitor Queue Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonial – Industrial B2B with Multiple Websites

This video discusses how Vast Industrial Corp (Ontario) uses Visitor Queue across multiple company websites for new prospect discovery and even existing customer outreach.

Aside from Visitor Queue’s primary value for sales lead generation, this customer review also highlights the following positives:

  • Provides website content consumption insights, acquisition channel details, etc. Great for marketing insights and campaign feedback.
  • Simple user dashboard that is easy for a wide range of user skill levels
  • Great value and ROI for the price
  • Great customer service and responsiveness

Customer Testimonial – Outreach to B2B C-Level Prospects

In the video below, Sigma Assessments Systems describes how they use Visitor Queue to target a specific professional services solution to C-level executives.  

Visitor Queue also supports their content marketing strategy by helping them work around the ‘gated content’ barrier of low web form completion rates. 

With tools like Visitor Queue to help with prospect identification and outreach, companies can worry less about using gated content marketing tactics and focus more on proactive lead discovery and outreach to their un-gated content audience.

Finally, this Visitor Queue review mentions how the product helps Sigma overcome the limitations of just using Google Analytics by itself.

Note: this last point is even more important now that Google Analytics has deprecated the Service Provider and Network Domain dimensions

Visitor Queue Alternatives

Website Visitor Tracking Competition 

By their own admission, Visitor Queue was not the first vendor to deliver this type of B2B lead generation tool. For comparison purposes, I’ve provided vendor logo links below to many of the primary products in this segment, including Visitor Queue competitors.

This more detailed overview of competitive vendors may also be helpful.

Also see my vendor spreadsheet option further below under Related Posts. This free resource captures key details about all the major software alternatives in this product category. 

*** Click on the logos below to visit the specific vendor(s) of interest ***

Also, if you’re in a Visitor Queue vs Lead Forensics or Leadfeeder evaluation mode, see these posts for Lead Forensics reviews and Leadfeeder reviews

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Understand how Google Analytics performs basic visitor identification functions. Discusses Google Analytics’ capabilities in this area, though unexpected changes to GA in Feb 2020 have had a major impact… and not for the better for Google Analytics fans.

Learn how to conduct a successful free software trial for website visitor tracking tools. This is general advice, no matter which option you may choose to move forward with. 

Finally, here’s a post on how website visitor tracking vendors comply with GDPR. Visitor Queue and similar vendors have different angles for approaching this, but the news is generally good regarding GDPR and similar data privacy laws.

Global Vendor Spreadsheet Available

I’ve also compiled a free master spreadsheet that helps to organize and profile various website visitor identification and tracking software alternatives globally. Includes Visitor Queue and other vendors competing in this segment. 

My 2019 version is available now, with more to follow in coming months. 

Hit the button below for more details.

Visitor Queue Review Wrap-Up

An Effective Tool for B2B Sales Teams 

Visitor Queue may not be the first competitor on the market for B2B website visitor identification, but they’ve used that ‘newer entrant’ position to their advantage by making improvements to how these tools work in day-to-day use by sales and marketing teams.

Visitor Queue is definitely worth serious consideration for B2B firms trying to gain a competitive edge through better web lead discovery and sales response times. The software provides all the core features required for website visitor identification and tracking needs.  

Built from the ground up with the sales end-user in mind, Visitor Queue also strives to deliver a better and more practical user experience, while filling important gaps found in competing visitor tracking products.

Comments and Feedback

Have you used Visitor Queue for website visitor tracking?

Or perhaps any alternatives to Visitor Queue?

Drop a quick comment below if you have feedback, questions, other software suggestions or any other insights to add here.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing with your social networks.



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