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B2B Website Visitor Tracking Tools — US and Canada

Last updated Jun 25, 2022

Top US and Canada B2B Website Visitor Tracking Software Options

Website visitor identification and tracking tools are certainly popular these days, especially for B2B sales prospecting and lead generation. They’re also popular as supporting tools for account-based marketing (ABM).

These B2B-centric software solutions leverage inbound web visitor traffic to identify and track companies that visit corporate websites. The tools then augment this data with contact-level details and alert B2B sales teams for lead review and follow-up.

They also typically provide ‘buyer intent’ insights for better lead scoring and qualification.

This post focuses on the leading visitor tracking vendors based in North America — mainly the US and Canada.

Read on to learn more about good US and Canada-based B2B software tools for business website visitor tracking.

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    In North America, the United States and Canada are home to many software vendors with B2B website visitor ID and tracking capabilities. Learn who they are below.

    Note: This post contains a few referral links to vendor partners. We may receive compensation for future purchases made via these links, at no additional cost to buyers.

    B2B Website Lead Generation Tools from the US and Canada

    From Focused B2B Tools to Full Marketing Automation Options

    The United States and Canada are home to many of the leading vendors providing website visitor tracking tools for B2B lead generation and sales prospecting.

    They compete with each other, of course, but also in many cases with website visitor tracking tools based in the UK and Europe. This is definitely a dynamic and competitive software market segment.

    In some cases, the web visitor tracking functionality is built into full-fledged marketing automation platforms — such as HubSpot, Pardot (Salesforce), and SharpSpring, as described below.

    b2b concept - interconnected marketing and sales teams

    In all other cases, the tools are much more focused on the core features of B2B web lead tracking and how they directly benefit lead-hungry sales and marketing teams. These solutions are much more point-product driven and do not attempt to cover the full marketing automation feature spectrum.

    They also tend to be less expensive as a result, which makes them a great option for B2B revenue teams with tighter monthly software budgets.

    Related: See these posts on website visitor tracking in marketing automation platforms and also how B2B website visitor tracking tools enable account-based marketing (ABM).

    These tools also support entry-level ABM as well as account-based marketing for small businesses.

    See all the vendor introductions below, starting with the US group and then moving on to Canada.

    Website Visitor Tracking — US Vendors

    Wide Range of B2B Software Options from the US

    These are the top options for B2B website visitor tracking tools / vendors based in the United States. I’ve listed them in alphabetical order below.

    (Clicking on the vendor name headings or logos will open their websites in new browser windows.)


    hubspot logo

    As I mentioned above, some web visitor tracking capabilities are embedded into larger overall marketing automation platforms used by B2B firms.

    HubSpot is a prominent example.

    Their Sales Leads and Prospecting software provides many of the essential website visitor analytics capabilities for B2B sales pipeline development and outreach.

    If you already use HubSpot or are considering this platform, just be aware that you’ll get some B2B web visitor tracking capabilities along with everything else.

    The downside, of course, is that HubSpot can get expensive and overly complex, especially if you’re mostly just interested in the visitor tracking functionality as a way to improve your B2B sales pipeline.

    Learn more and view HubSpot pricing here.



    KickFire uses proprietary IP intelligence and related methods to identify B2B website visitors, provide first-party buyer intent data, and power account-based marketing programs.

    Their LIVE LeadsTM solution is designed to help identify anonymous website visitors (companies) and turn that data into actionable insights for sales pipeline development.

    KickFire SPARKTM provides real-time alerts when target accounts visit your site.

    Learn more and view KickFire pricing here.


    leadlander logo - b2b website visitor tracking software

    LeadLander is another prime example of a focused B2B website visitor identification and tracking tool.

    They provide all of the essential features for identifying and tracking anonymous B2B website visitors, with a focus on data quality and accuracy, real-time visitor data, great support at all stages of the LeadLander customer experience, and ease-of-use for the entire sales and marketing team.

    Learn more and request LeadLander pricing details here.

    Or follow my referral banner link below for more about LeadLander’s free trial offer.

    leadlander free trial - us b2b software vendor

    Also see this post with more LeadLander overview highlights.

    Pardot (Salesforce)

    salesforce pardot logo

    Pardot is now part of Salesforce, the dominant vendor in cloud-based CRM tools. Pardot is a major marketing automation component of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

    Their marketing automation tools are very ABM-focused, with AI and machine learning capabilities that help B2B companies focus on the right accounts at the right times with the right personalized messages for those web-based interactions.

    Like most other MA platforms, Salesforce Pardot does not bundle the classic website visitor ID and tracking features into a single branded feature set focused just in that area. 

    They do, however, offer real-time prospect alerts and website activity tracking, even for anonymous website visitors. These are both essential components of a typical web visitor tracking tool.

    So yes, Pardot web visitor tracking features do exist. You just have to know where to look for them and understand how their visitor tracking fits into the Salesforce Pardot solution set.

    Learn more about Pardot’s other marketing automation lead generation capabilities.

    And see Pardot’s pricing details here. 



    Formerly an independent marketing automation company with an agency-friendly product focus, SharpSpring is now part of Constant Contact, the well-established email marketing and automation solution.

    SharpSpring’s MA platform provides basic website visitor tracking through its Visitor ID capabilities. 

    SharpSpring Visitor ID covers all the core visitor tracking capabilities. It is definitely worth a closer look for anyone in need of both marketing automation and B2B website lead tracking functionality in a single platform.

    SharpSpring also promotes their platform as a much more affordable alternative to other marketing automation tools like HubSpot, Marketo, etc.

    Learn more and view SharpSpring’s latest pricing details here.

    Visitor InSites

    visitor insites logo

    Some website visitor tracking vendors are moving beyond just company-level identification and into identifying the actual people visiting.

    Visitor InSites is one of these vendors.

    They use proprietary methods and data sources to build and leverage an ‘Identity Graph’ focused on adults in the US.

    Visitor InSites is compliant with California’s CCPA regulation, but is not GDPR-compliant for EU markets. The service works only for identification of adults in the US.

    Visitor InSites also has a front-end ‘funnel builder’ capability based on buyer intent data, and a ‘Done for You’ service for outsourced marketing programs. The latter is essentially an integrated lead-generation marketing agency approach.

    Visitor InSites does not publish their pricing on their website. You’ll need to first contact them for an initial discussion.


    visitortrack logo

    Provided by netFactor (a Bombora company), VisitorTrack is a website visitor ID and tracking platform with predictive marketing analytics features as well.

    Their ‘B2B intent data’ is a core feature that allows VisitorTrack users to better qualify and score their visitors’ interest based on buyer intent insights.

    VisitorTrack also incorporates AI-based traffic analysis to mine more and better sales prospect opportunities, especially from smaller and mid-sized business visitors.

    Learn more by requesting a VisitorTrack demo or a free software trial.

    Visual Visitor

    visual visitor logo - website visitor tracking tool

    Visual Visitor is another primary competitor in this B2B sales and marketing software segment.

    They provide website visitor identification (visitor ID), B2B buyer intent data, B2B contact data, and email tracking as primary features.

    They also provide some interesting add-ons in the areas of call tracking, keyword-level tracking, and reputation management.

    Learn more and see Visual Visitor’s latest pricing plans here.

    Also see my previous post with a Visual Visitor overview and more product highlights.

    Canadian Website Visitor Tracking Tools

    Two B2B Website Visitor ID Options from Canada

    Shifting focus now from the US-based vendors, we have two competitors based in Ontario, Canada — Clickback and Visitor Queue — that offer web visitor tracking tools for B2B firms.

    Both vendors are worth a close look in general, and especially for any B2B firms based in Canada that might want to spend their marketing and sales tech budget a bit closer to home.


    clickback logo

    Clickback is a B2B lead generation software service (SaaS) with a strong email focus, and also a website visitor identification and tracking tool provided by Clickback WEB.

    For B2B firms that want to combine email marketing alongside inbound website visitor tracking, Clickback may be the ideal fit. They even have features targeted specifically at ‘cold email’ outreach using purchased email lists and Clickback’s ability to clean lists upon import.

    This is something that most email service providers (ESPs) do not support or allow, since they require purely opt-in, permission-based email lists.

    Learn more about Clickback’s features and pricing plans here.

    Also see their product FAQ for more details on Clickback WEB for website visitor tracking.

    Visitor Queue

    visitor queue logo - website visitor tracking tool from canada

    Visitor Queue is squarely focused on B2B website visitor ID and tracking and competes well with the other US and UK / European vendors in this software segment.

    Visitor Queue provides the core features required of B2B-centric website visitor tracking tools, with a user interface and lead workflow that sales teams will appreciate and marketers will value as well.

    Learn more about Visitor Queue’s capabilities and pricing here.

    Follow the referral banner below for more about starting a Visitor Queue free trial.

    visitor queue free trial - canada b2b software vendor

    Other B2B Visitor Tracking Tools — North America

    Other Options from North America

    My goal is to keep this post updated as North American B2B software vendors enter and potentially exit this market segment.

    Have I missed any website visitor tracking vendors (focused on B2B lead gen) based in the US, Canada, or Mexico? I’ll update this list as needed.

    In order to be included in this post, software vendors must:

    • Be founded and/or headquartered in North America.
    • Provide software tools that include website visitor identification features for B2B corporate lead generation purposes. These can be very focused ‘point product’ IP-to-company matching tools, or B2B IP tracking features included within broader marketing/sales tech platforms.

    Please add a comment below or drop me an email if you have any ideas here.

    More Information

    These related posts may also be helpful for anyone looking into website visitor tracking solutions for B2B sales and marketing:

    Questions or Comments?

    I hope this overview of B2B website visitor tracking solutions from the US and Canada has been helpful. There are certainly many great options here, with varying platform capabilities and price points.

    Be sure to also check out these website visitor tracking options from the UK and Europe as well.

    Add your own insights in the comments below with any thoughts, feedback, or related questions. Thanks also for any social shares on this post via the buttons below!

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    Website Visitor Identification Tools

    Get My Complete Vendor Listing

    Hello and thanks for reading!

    I’ve built an Excel spreadsheet that captures key details on virtually all software products that focus on anonymous website visitor identification.

    (Many more vendors than I have room to include in this post!)

    It’s based on many hours of my vendor research… and I’m happy to share it as a helpful reference item for you.

    Just drop me your best email address below and I’ll send the link to the spreadsheet download page.

    Grab the current version now. I’ll send you future updates, too!