Visual Visitor Overview and Alternatives

Product Introduction and Highlights, Plus Competitors to Consider

This post introduces Visual Visitor as a good option for businesses seeking to identify and track the companies visiting their websites.  

Includes a brief vendor overview video, product highlights and insights, and other software alternatives for generating B2B sales leads based on website visitor traffic.

visual visitor product introduction and competitors

Last Updated: Apr 16, 2020

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Introduction to Visual Visitor

Affordable Lead Generation for B2B Websites

Visual Visitor is a prominent vendor competing in the software segment focused on website visitor identification and tracking tools. They’re a US company based in Roswell, Georgia… just a bit north of Atlanta.


The SaaS-based product helps B2B sales and marketing teams generate more and better sales leads by uncovering prospects from their incoming website traffic.

It is an inbound marketing / sales tool that supports and accelerates outbound sales activity. 

A key benefit of Visual Visitor (and its peers) is that they don’t require a lot of staff or other marketing support in order to function well. They only require a small base of quickly trained users, plus an outside sales team ready to act on the lead flow produced by the tool.

This intro video illustrates the B2B sales challenges that the software addresses.

One common issue is that generic website analytics tools like Google Analytics just don’t typically provide insights that are immediately useful for sales teams. This video hits that point well.

Visual Visitor Intro Video

Disclosure: I’m an affiliate partner for Visual Visitor and some other software vendors mentioned below. I may receive compensation for software purchases made after clicking vendor links within this post. Just wanted you to know that. Thanks for your support!

How Does Visual Visitor Work?

Product Overview 

At its core, the software relies on a small bit of tracking code placed on each page of the target website. It’s sort of like adding Google Analytics tracking code to a website, but in this case the code is specific to the added functionality of Visual Visitor.

If you have a WordPress website, you’re in luck. You can use this WordPress plugin from Visual Visitor to add the tracking code. 

(It’s easier to just grab the file from their site than to try to find it in the WordPress Plugin Directory.)   

The tracking code allows the main software to collect the IP address and other visitor metrics associated with each website session.

Visitor Identification Starts with IP-to-Company Mapping

As a new website visitor arrives (e.g., a new “session”), the tool performs a “company IP lookup” to determine the company or internet service provider associated with that IP address.

If it’s an actual company, then great! We have a potential prospect to start tracking further. This includes proactive prospect research and sales outreach if they look interesting enough (e.g., a high lead score).

If it’s an internet service provider or mobile carrier, then we want to block or ignore those entities since they’re not the actual visiting company we care about.

This IP-to-Company mapping is just the very beginning when it comes to tracking B2B website visits. But it’s at the heart of what all of these tools do.

Brief User Video

Aside from the vendor-produced intro video above, there’s not much available on YouTube that goes deeper into Visual Visitor’s functionality.

This next video, however, provides a little more insight from a user’s perspective.

You’ll get a peek at the user interface, including references to “clickstream data”, which is the series of website pages visited by each site user. It’s always good to know what specific content a visitor was looking at, prior to sales outreach efforts.

This short video from the guys at SeeThrough Web provides a few more user insights.  

Other Product Highlights 

  • Comprehensive website visitor analytics
  • 12+ information sources for contact analysis and research
  • Email campaign integration tools
  • Integrated form capture tools
  • Email and call tracking options
  • WordPress plugin available (see above)
  • Further integration options via Zapier

See this Visual Visitor feature tour for more product details.

Here’s a look at portions of the Visual Visitor user interface / dashboard. It’s well laid out and provides insights for both sales and marketing purposes.


How Much Does Visual Visitor Cost?

Product Pricing

Visual Visitor pricing is very straightforward, starting at $59 per month for 3 users and up to 20,000 pageviews per month. 

In addition to real-time anonymous visitor identification, the base pricing also includes a nice bundle of phone call tracking features, plus email tracking for the sales team.

For accounts needing more than 20,000 pageviews per month, there is an additional $5/month charge per 5000 pageviews. There are no per-lead fees.

There are other fee-based options for adding more users or call tracking features.

On average, Visual Visitor customers stay well within the base pricing limits.

Resellers and Agencies

For resellers and marketing agencies, Visual Visitor offers “white label” services and additional capabilities for custom branding and centralized administration of multiple client accounts.

This allows agencies to offer B2B lead generation services under their own name, while maintaining centralized control and user access for individual clients.

See additional details here.

Visual Visitor Competitors / Alternatives

Website Visitor Tracking Competition 

For comparison purposes, I’ve provided vendor logo links below to many of the primary products in this segment, including Visual Visitor alternatives.

Also see my vendor spreadsheet option further below. This free vendor research captures key details about all the major software tools in this category. 

Click on the logos below to visit the specific vendor(s) of interest.

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Finally, here’s a post on how website visitor tracking vendors comply with GDPR. Visual Visitor and similar vendors have different angles for approaching this, but the news is generally good regarding GDPR and similar data privacy laws.

Global Vendor Spreadsheet Available

I’ve also compiled a free master spreadsheet that helps to organize and profile various website visitor identification and tracking software alternatives globally. Includes Visual Visitor and other vendors competing in this segment. 

My 2019 version is available now, with more to follow in 2020. 

Hit the button below for more details.

Visual Visitor Review Wrap-Up

Affordable B2B Lead Generation Software 

For as low as $59 per month, it’s hard not to like tools such as Visual Visitor for practical B2B lead generation.

While it’s true that these website visitor identification tools won’t turn 100% of your website visitors into actual leads to pursue, you’ll still likely see a decent prospect inflow that’s worthy of further sales pursuits.

For many B2B firms, winning a single new deal may easily repay the cost of Visual Visitor for an entire year or more.

Visual Visitor and its alternatives are tools that nearly all B2B firms with decent websites and outside sales teams should at least consider. The two-week free trials (typical duration) also make them easy and risk-free to test.

Speaking specifically of Visual Visitor, I have readers who have signed up for a trial and then kept going with the software for over a year now, so I know it’s working well for them. 

Comments and Feedback

Have you used Visual Visitor for website visitor tracking?

Or perhaps any alternatives?

Drop a quick comment below if you have feedback, questions, other software suggestions or any other insights to add here.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing with your social networks.



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