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Visual Visitor Review and Alternatives

Last updated Jan 12, 2024

Visual Visitor Introduction, Highlights, & Alternatives

Visual Visitor is a good option for businesses seeking to identify and track the companies and persons visiting their websites, to generate sales leads and other sales intelligence insights from website traffic. 

This post includes Visual Visitor intro videos, product highlights and pricing, and several Visual Visitor alternatives for identifying B2B sales leads based on company website visitor traffic.

Let’s take a closer look at the Visual Visitor review and product details below.

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    visual visitor review and alternatives
    Visual Visitor has evolved significantly, from a classic B2B website visitor tracking tool to a robust sales intelligence platform for B2B and B2C websites.

    This post contains a few referral links to vendor partners. We may receive compensation for purchases made via these links, at no additional cost to buyers.

    Intro to Visual Visitor for B2B Sales Intelligence​

    Affordable B2B (and B2C) Lead Generation and Sales Intelligence

    Visual Visitor is a prominent competitor in the software segment focused on website-based visitor sales intelligence, including website visitor identification and tracking tools.

    They’re a US company based near Atlanta, Georgia, and also Jacksonville, Florida.

    (They are sometimes also referred to as VisualVisitor… one word… but ‘Visual Visitor’ is correct.)

    visual visitor logo - b2b sales intelligence platform

    This SaaS-based lead identification (identity resolution) product helps B2B sales and marketing teams generate more and better sales leads by uncovering prospects from their incoming website visitor traffic and unlocking actionable sales intelligence insights.

    For B2B website lead generation purposes, Visual Visitor is an alternative to competitors like Clickback WEB, KickFire, Lead Forensics, WhoIsVisiting, and other visitor identification solutions mentioned further below.

    Good to Know: Visual Visitor also now has features for B2C marketers as well, especially via its ‘+Person’ visitor ID capabilities for US-based website visitors. See more on this below.

    Proactive Prospect Insights for Sales and Marketing Teams

    Visual Visitor includes features that add value to both the sales and marketing functions. Once a very B2B-centric platform, Visual Visitor now also includes capabilities for B2C and e-commerce websites.

    If you’re new to Visual Visitor or need a quick refresher on the platform’s latest capabilities, keep reading below for more introductory info.

    If you already know the product and are looking for competing software tools, jump down to the Visual Visitor alternatives section further below. It includes several Visual Visitor competitors that may also be worth your consideration in B2B situations.

    Visual Visitor Introduction

    The intro video below illustrates the B2B sales challenges that Visual Visitor addresses.

    Visual Visitor provides actionable B2B sales intelligence insights for revenue teams.

    Get the latest Visual Visitor product details here.

    Moving Beyond ‘Classic’ B2B IP-to-Company Mapping

    Visual Visitor now provides more than just B2B website visitor identification capabilities based on IP address data. That’s a great start, but Visual Visitor can also provide personalized ID and contact info, buyer intent insights, and other features that help to illuminate the so-called B2B dark funnel.

    Since I first wrote about Visual Visitor a few years ago, the software product has evolved into a more complete sales intelligence platform that has both B2B and B2C applications.

    The next product intro video is from several years ago when the platform was focused more narrowly on B2B company-level visitor ID.

    This still applies, but as you’ll see a bit further below, the platform has many more capabilities today.

    Visual Visitor’s original feature set was focused on classic B2B website visitor tracking for sales lead generation.

    Visual Visitor Product Highlights

    Visual Visitor Primary Features and Benefits

    Visual Visitor’s platform has evolved significantly over the last few years.

    Starting from a classic ‘B2B reverse IP lookup’ approach to company-level visitor identification, they have expanded the platform’s capabilities significantly, especially in the areas of person-level identification and more advanced sales intelligence features.

    Here are more Visual Visitor product capabilities and benefits.

    WebID +Person

    Visual Visitor now offers website visitor identification with up to 40 data points per visitor. Go far beyond simple company-level identifiers and eliminate prospecting guesswork with better lead data.

    Email List Growth

    Automatically capture emails for up to ~ 35% of your website visitors. Strengthen your in-house email list with contacts who have already been on your site. Visual Visitor includes advanced AI-assisted email validation and scoring, as well as consent management tools.

    Marketing Automation

    Connect Visual Visitor to your CRM, direct mail, and custom audience platforms to enable automated email sequences and triggered emails.

    Reduced Paid Ad Spend

    Spend less on paid ads (PPC, display ads), directing more of that budget component toward higher-ROI tactics that leverage your actual website visitor data.

    visual visitor +person website visitor id provides detailed visitor insights for marketing
    Visual Visitor’s +Person feature set provides person-level visitor ID and related details for US-based visitors. These can be used in both B2C and B2B marketing campaigns.

    WebID +Employee (Advanced B2B Website Visitor Identification)

    As I mentioned above, Visual Visitor has moved beyond traditional ‘reverse IP lookup’ techniques for B2B visitor identification. You can now leverage their WebID +Employee features to unlock employee-level visitor identification and contact info, including on-site and remote workers.

    Note: Employee-level identification is limited to website visitors based in the US.

    Account-Based Marketing

    For B2B companies, Visual Visitor supports revenue teams using account-based marketing (ABM) strategies as well as those using more traditional B2B lead-generation tactics.

    Massive Contact Database

    Over many years, Visual Visitor has built an impressive proprietary B2B contact database of over 700 million contacts worldwide.

    Buyer Intent Insights

    Visual Visitor offers options to gather and leverage deep buyer intent insights. Coupled with better visitor identity resolution, this gives you a distinct competitive advantage in the race to find and engage ‘in-market’ prospects and close new deals.

    First-Party Data Advantages

    When you collect visitor analytics from your own website, this becomes ‘first-party website data’ that you own and can use for marketing and sales purposes.

    No more need to rely on paid 3rd-party data, outdated B2B data sources, etc. Spend less money and time on questionable outside data sources, data cleansing and enrichment tasks, etc., and focus instead on better-targeted sales/marketing outreach.

    Flexible Integrations

    Connect Visual Visitor to dozens of complementary martech platforms, including CMS, CRM, email marketing, e-commerce, and other tools. Visual Visitor continues to add integrations, either directly or via Zapier connections.

    For WordPress websites, see Visual Visitor’s WordPress plugin here.

    Get the latest Visual Visitor product details here.

    Visual Visitor Pricing & Feature Bundles​

    How Much Does Visual Visitor Cost?​

    Pricing for Visual Visitor follows a couple of different tracks. There’s a ‘Marketing’ feature bundle and pricing structure, and also a ‘B2B Sales’ bundle.

    You can choose either one or both options, depending on your firm’s needs and budget. Free trials are also available.

    Here are the two main Visual Visitor bundles.

    (Click on the image below to visit the Visual Visitor pricing page directly in a new browser tab.)

    visual visitor features marketing sales
    Visual Visitor features and pricing bundles for Marketing and B2B Sales.

    Visual Visitor for Marketing

    Visual Visitor’s marketing-focused bundle is focused on consent-based website visitor identification at the individual/person level, and all the advantages and revenue growth opportunities that can flow from those insights.

    Pricing for this track starts at $59 per month and is based on the number of monthly visitor IDs provided.

    Highlights include:

    • WebID +Person bundle including up to 40 points of visitor details
    • Ability to build email lists from website visitor traffic (without requiring visitor form submissions)
    • Website visitor insights for marketing automation (e.g., automated triggered emails based on visitors’ website activity)
    • Increased ROI of digital campaigns, with less reliance on traditional PPC and other advertising spend
    • Collection of ‘first-party’ intent data from your own website traffic. You own it and can leverage it to turn more website visitors into buyers
    • Integration options with other parts of your marketing and sales tech stack

    See Visual Visitor for Marketing pricing details here. (Free trial available)

    Visual Visitor for B2B Sales

    For B2B sales teams, Visual Visitor offers different levels of sales intelligence insights for better prospecting and greatly increased sales productivity.

    Pricing for this track starts at $199 per month.

    The fullest-featured version of the platform for B2B is based on custom needs and pricing. It offers a complete B2B sales intelligence capability with many more contact-level details and buyer intent capabilities vs the base plan.

    Highlights include:

    • WebID +Employee focus (employee-level contact info for US-based visitors only)
    • B2B contact data with 700+ million contacts and employee-level details
    • Contact accuracy guarantees backed by Visual Visitor’s ‘Confidence Scoring System’
    • Company and employee-level visitor ID, even including remote workers
    • First-party buyer intent data based on visitor activity on your website
    • Email activity tracking (e.g., email opens)

    See Visual Visitor for B2B Sales pricing details here. (Free trial available)

    Visual Visitor for Resellers and Agencies

    For resellers and marketing agencies, Visual Visitor offers ‘white label’ services and additional capabilities for custom branding and centralized administration of multiple client accounts.

    This allows agencies to offer B2B lead generation services under their own name while maintaining centralized control and user access for individual clients.

    Learn more about Visual Visitor for Agencies here.

    Visual Visitor Alternatives / Competitors​

    Website Visitor Tracking Alternatives & Competition 

    Visual Visitor Introduction & Highlights — Wrap-Up​

    Expanding the Website Visitor Tracking Value Proposition

    Visual Visitor is a good example of the tools available for practical B2B lead generation and other actionable sales intelligence data based on company website traffic data.

    While this platform was initially focused on traditional website visitor tracking for B2B sales lead generation, it has definitely grown beyond that in recent years.

    Visual Visitor still presents a strong value proposition for B2B revenue teams, but today its broader sales intelligence capabilities cross into B2C and e-commerce scenarios as well.

    High ROI Potential

    For many B2B firms, winning a single new deal may easily repay the cost of Visual Visitor for an entire year or more.

    Visual Visitor and its alternatives are tools that nearly all B2B firms with active websites and outside sales teams should at least consider. 

    The two-week free trials (typical duration) also make them easy and risk-free to test.

    Speaking specifically of Visual Visitor, I have readers who have signed up for a trial and then kept going with a paid subscription for multiple years now, so I know it’s working well for them. 

    Questions or Comments?

    Have you used Visual Visitor for B2B website visitor tracking or other capabilities, such as email list growth, marketing automation support, or buyer intent insights?

    Have you used any Visual Visitor alternatives and direct competitors? What were their relative advantages and disadvantages?

    Drop a quick comment below if you have feedback, questions, other software suggestions, or any other insights to add here.

    Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing with your social networks.

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    Hello and thanks for reading!

    I’ve built an Excel spreadsheet that captures key details on virtually all software products that focus on anonymous website visitor identification.

    (Many more vendors than I have room to include in this post!)

    It’s based on many hours of my vendor research… and I’m happy to share it as a helpful reference item for you.

    Just drop me your best email address below and I’ll send the link to the spreadsheet download page.

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