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Build Better SEO Content with Keyword Analysis Tools Develop better website content with insights gained from good keyword research and competitive SEO analysis software. This post covers an example that uses tools like Keywords Everywhere, Ubersuggest, and SEO PowerSuite to help make better decisions about SEO content development. Last Updated: Jun 23, 2020 Article Contents … Read more

B2B Customer Case Studies and Testimonials

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B2B customer testimonials and B2B case studies — What’s the difference? In the world of B2B content marketing, real-world customer testimonials and case studies continue to stand out as preferred sales support tools for convincing new prospects that your solution truly does deliver tangible value. There’s a spectrum of possibilities here that differ in terms of complexity, customer commitment/involvement, and long-term value for the solution vendor.  So what’s the difference between a customer testimonial and a case study? Here’s a breakdown that may be helpful:

Writing Branded B2B Customer Case Studies

B2B customer case studies come in several shapes and sizes, but one of the first considerations for marketing teams and their writers for each new case study opportunity is this:  Should we go for ‘branded’ or ‘unbranded’?
What do we mean by this distinction?  A couple of quick definitions will help:
Branded Case Study — A case study that clearly identifies the actual customer/client who is the subject of the piece.  This customer willingly lends their name and logo to the finished piece, so we use the term ‘branded’ (or ‘fully branded’) here.  Further, we can usually then also get a customer executive to fully participate in the finished case study, including name, title, and (optionally) a photo of the executive.
Unbranded Case Study — A case study that obscures the identity of the customer or client, usually at the customer’s explicit request to remain anonymous.  These can still be useful marketing and sales pieces and can be faster to produce, but usually lack the punch and credibility of a fully branded alternative.